In Poland, police officers killed a Ukrainian migrant worker

According to reports, the tragedy occurred in the city of Wroclaw at the end of July. A young man named Dmitry was traveling on public transport after meeting with friends. The media write that the Ukrainian was drunk: 1.5 ppm of alcohol was found in his blood. It is reported that the driver of public transport asked the Ukrainian to leave the bus. Law enforcement officers who arrived at the scene claimed that the Ukrainian provided physical resistance during the detention. Polish media believe that when Dmitry was registered at the police station, the police beat him with hands and feet, batons, and also strangled him, pressing his neck to the floor with his feet. As a result of the injuries received, the young man died. The prosecutor's office has already opened a criminal case on the fact of death. The investigation is ongoing.
Relatives of the murdered man say that he never drank alcohol and did not behave violently. Moreover, there is no video from the police chest cameras.