The HK Prize and Its Finalists

Gambling Blog Mar 21, 2024

The Hong Kong Prize Scholarship recognizes students for their hard work in studying and encouraging them to stay on course with their education. Winners could receive an exciting cash award and access to some of Hong Kong’s premier research facilities; one of Asia’s premier awards with thousands applying each year; its primary purpose being fostering scientific innovation, international cooperation and upholding high moral conduct standards.

This prize was established to commemorate Professor George B. Endacott who dedicated his life to furthering Hong Kong History scholarship. It aims to draw new authors and boost research in this area – short term its goal being adding volumes to Royal Asiatic Society Hong Kong History series but long term its purpose being fostering scholarship on this topic.

This year’s finalists include a student who used technology to assist homeless people and an artist who interprets human rights concepts through fine art. The winners receive monetary prizes to further their studies and careers; additionally they gain access to Hong Kong’s premier research facilities and can attend international conferences and seminars within their field of research.

Winners will not only receive a monetary award but will have the unique opportunity to work at some of Hong Kong’s premier research institutions for six months as part of their prize, attend international conferences and seminars in their field, build professional ties with local scientists, gain international exposure for their work, and perhaps present it at an awards ceremony here in Hong Kong.

Even through Hong Kong has experienced difficult times, its spirit of compassion and resilience remains undimmed. This year’s HK Prize finalists embody this spirit, offering up time and resources to support the Umbrella Movement while standing up against China’s aggressive policies – earning all Hong Kongers respect with their courageous action and selflessness.

The Hong Kong Prize is one of Asia’s premier awards and attracts thousands of applications annually. It aims to recognize scientific research that brings significant societal benefit while encouraging young researchers to follow their passions and broaden their global perspectives. Sponsored by Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited, its logo incorporates two precious elements – a pearl and jade amulet with positive connotations in both Chinese and Western culture – representing knowledge acquisition and social harmony promotion respectively.

This year, there are over 300 shortlisted candidates representing 80 universities from around the world. A winner will be revealed during an awards ceremony held in June by an impartial judging panel who will assess independent judgments and objective evaluations of candidates based on scientific and technological innovation achievements; their application in real life situations; and the social value created.