Hongkong Pools – The Perfect Place to Cool Off This Summer

Gambling Blog Mar 10, 2024

Hongkong pools offer the ideal way to cool off this summer, and with numerous options available there is sure to be something suitable for everyone. From high-rise infinity pools overlooking Victoria Harbour to pool bars offering cocktails while you soak up some sun, these waters will surely provide a relaxing retreat. Swimming also has numerous health benefits such as improved sleep, increased energy levels, reduced stress levels and lessening insomnia so what are you waiting for – jump right in! Let this summer begin!

If you’re seeking an indulgent pool experience, look no further than The Mira Hong Kong. This modern indoor pool features glass windows that let in plenty of natural light while its purple ceiling has been designed to resemble a starry sky for an immersive swimming experience.

Hammer Hill Road offers another option with its pirate ship-themed water park that’s sure to get your kids’ heartbeat racing. The pool can accommodate adults and children of all ages alike, featuring waterslides, fountains and games – not forgetting its lounge area for relaxing or taking some sun.

One of the great advantages of Hong Kong pools is that most feature on-site cafes and restaurants for lunch service – you don’t have to bring anything in! Instead, enjoy sunbathing before finding a delicious bite to eat under the sun’s warm rays – many are even known for offering delectable seafood dishes or Asian fare, meaning after a full day of swimming and tanning you can rest easy knowing you will return refreshed to face life’s challenges again!

Recent news reveals that a private club pool in Hong Kong was temporarily closed after numerous monkeys were seen lounging around its premises and climbing beach chairs, swimming in its pool and even jumping off its sides, according to an online video circulated for one minute-long video that has since gone viral.

Although many private clubs have launched their pools as usual, many public facilities still face lifeguard shortages due to a staffing crisis. According to Hong Kong Recreation and Sports Professionals General Union warnings, some public swimming pools may only partially open while others won’t operate at all this month.

At risk are various leisure, paddling and toddler pools, as well as outdoor training and teaching pools. The union has requested that schools and sports training centres can rent pools even without lifeguards available, provided their teachers or coaches possess necessary lifesaving knowledge and skills training.

No matter the vast selection of pools available to us in Hong Kong, certain pools truly stand out. Check out some of these stunning and unique spots this summer and experience something amazing – be it relaxing getaway or just getting exercise, these Hong Kong pools will certainly brighten up your day.