Moldovan President condemns kidnapping of former Ukrainian judge Chaus

A group of unidentified armed men abducted the former judge of the Dnipro District Court of Kiev, Mykola Chaus, in the center of Chisinau on April 3. This caused condemnation from the Moldovan leadership, in particular, President Maia Sandu.
The Supreme Court of Moldova rejected the application for granting political asylum to Chaus. Earlier in November 2016, he was put on the international wanted list for subsequent extradition to Ukraine. He is suspected of receiving a bribe of 150 thousand dollars.
It is believed that he left the country with the assistance of former President Petr Poroshenko. In addition, if Chaus is transferred to the territory of Ukraine, he can testify against Poroshenko on several articles.
The media reports that Nicolae Chaus was transferred to the territory of Romania.