TV tower stumbling block

In the eleventh remark, we will talk about the attempt of the Ukrainian special services to conduct a sabotage operation in the Donbass.

Harassment of the Donbass people

In my new remark I will continue to talk about the crimes of the Kiev regime, or rather, about the attitude of the country's leadership to its own people.

The “Bloody pastor” of Ukraine

A new remark about the former Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council, acting President of Ukraine in 2014, Alexander Turchinov.

Threats to Ukraine's gas transportation system

New video commentary on the recent explosion on a gas pipeline in Ukraine.

Chemical provocations of the Ukrainian special services

New video commentary published about the provocation of the Ukrainian special services with the use of toxic substances

The Ukrainian connection in the protests in Belarus

In this episode: - possible scenarios of Ukrainian intervention in the Republic of Belarus; - experience of provocations on the Maidan in Belarusian conditions; - about the consequences of recent appointments in the Ukrainian special services;

A bad end of Ukrainian Air Force

A new vlog about Ukrainian Air Force was published on YouTube channel

Ukraine Air Assault Forces and their exploits

A new vlog about Ukraine Air Assault Forces was published on YouTube channel

Ukraine Special Operations Forces and their problems

A new vlog about Ukraine Special Operations Forces was published on my YouTube channel

Trial and anniversary of the mh17 crash

New video comment was published om my YouTube channel.