Volodymyr Zelensky won presidential elections in Ukraine

After 99% of protocols were counted the leader of the Servant of People party received 73,21% of votes. That is the best result in the history of the independent Ukraine. The current president of the State Petro Poroshenko has have approximately 24,46%.

The election results should be officially announced by the Central Electoral Committee not later that May 1. In the meantime, the inauguration of newly elected president will take place not later than May 31.

In this context, the president of the Ukrainian parliament «Rada» Andrey Parubiy said the parliament can begin on Thursday the consideration of law on impeachment of the president.

Parubiy noted that the Rada has recorded five draft laws on the impeachment.

«If the committee will approve on Wednesday the draft laws, so on Thursday we can propose to put it on the agenda with an eye to take decision,» said Parubii in a press briefing on Monday.

In accordance to the Constitution, the impeachment can be declared to the president in case he committed either treason, or other crime. The procedure requires the formation of a temporary investigation commission within the Rada whose conclusions should be reviewed in a parliament’s meeting. Based on the outputs of its investigation, the Rada is first to adopt a decision to bring charge to the president by at least 226 votes, and then it will decide by 300 votes on his impeachment.

Before this, the Parliament should receive the report from the Constitutional Court on legality of the impeachment procedure in addition to the report from the Supreme Court confirming that the president did commit a crime.