Crimes of the «Kharkiv-1» and «Slobozhanshchyna» battalions. Part 2

In the first part of the video you learned a brief history of the formation of the Kharkiv-1 and Slobozhanshchina battalions, as well as about the crimes committed by their volunteers. Today we will talk about the people who directly stood at the origins of the creation of the aforementioned units - brothers Sergei and Andrei Yangolenko.

They were really odious personalities and tainted themselves with a lot of crimes. Open criminal cases, accusations of taking bribes and extortion, attempted murder of high-ranking officials are just a small list of what they are remembered for.


Today I will continue the story about the Kharkov-1 and Slobozhanshchina battalions

In general, the history of Kharkiv volunteer units at the beginning of their existence is inextricably linked with their then commanders.

In April 2014, Sergei Yangolenko was appointed commander of the Kharkiv-1 battalion, and his brother Andrei Yangolenko was appointed commander of the Slobozhanshchina battalion. Interestingly, Andrey's wife is an employee of the Kharkiv-1 battalion. Family contract…

It should be said right away that both brothers at the time of the Maidan in Kiev were employees of the Kharkiv Berkut.

However, they did not get to the Maidan. As they themselves said - because of disagreement with the actions of the Yanukovych government.

However, here's what a former fighter of the Kharkov Berkut infantry battalion, Major Dmitry Sobina, said about the brothers:

"The brothers served in the Kharkov Berkut. During the Maidan, they were not taken to Kiev because they did not trust them.

These are inadequate people. Sergey was initially a deputy platoon commander in Berkut. But I couldn't cope with my duties. It is also necessary to keep papers there, to tinker with documents, to write. Therefore, one of the brothers became a communications inspector, and the other became an inspector of the documentation group. This is a position where Yangolenko could do nothing at all. After the coup, of course, they began to look for a place in the sun, relying on the fact that they supported the Maidan. No one from the Kharkiv police wanted to go to the shameful positions of the commanders of the dobrobats. Except for these brothers."

Another Kharkov "Berkut", former company commander Captain Andrey Zalivadny told what was the "path to success" of the Yagolenko brothers.

"They were ensigns. They wanted to become officers. We went to the commander of the Kharkov battalion "Berkut", began to cry. The battalion commander met them halfway and appointed them to officer positions. When the "brothers" received the rank of lieutenants, they were completely confused: "Officers drink in the unit. So, we will identify drinking officers and hand them over to the commander so that they are fired." After such statements, the guys began to shun them. And when Sergey Yangolenko was appointed deputy platoon commander, he collected money from the personnel, allegedly for some needs, and appropriated them. The brothers generally liked to get into debt: borrow money and not give it back. Therefore, it is not surprising that almost no one was with them."

It can be assumed that the officers of the "Golden Eagle" intentionally pour mud on former colleagues.

But the subsequent history of the Yangolenko brothers showed that they really were odious individuals who had stained themselves with a mass of crimes.

In February 2018, Sergey Yangolenko was appointed to the Druzhkov police department of the Donetsk region as acting, and on August 30 he got rid of the prefix, becoming a full-fledged chief.

But already on October 3, 2018, the ex-commander of the Kharkiv-1 battalion, the head of the Druzhkovsky police department, was detained while receiving a bribe. According to the OOS press center, Major Yangolenko was detained for extortion and receiving a bribe in the amount of 200,000 hryvnias.

The criminal case 234/15535/18 under Part 3 of Article 368 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine is being slowly considered by the Kramatorsk City Court. And Sergey Yangolenko himself continues to serve in the GU of the National Police in the Donetsk region.

The fate of Andrei Yangolenko is no less interesting. On March 6, 2015, a Volkswagen Transporter belonging to the commander of the special police battalion "Slobozhanshchina" Andrei Yangolenko was blown up in Kharkiv on Poznańska Street, and he and his wife Inna, a fighter of the Kharkiv-1 battalion, were in the minibus. Both escaped with moderate shrapnel wounds.

The incident was immediately qualified as a terrorist attack. But the first examinations showed that the explosion was not under the bottom of the car, but inside the cabin, closer to the rear door. To this, many people who knew Andrei Yangolenko reported that he constantly carried explosives and ammunition in his minibus, which could well lead to an explosion.

And on September 11, 2015, the head of the Slobozhanshchina battalion, Andrei Yangolenko, was detained in Kharkiv. The Security Service of Ukraine stated that he was one of the organizers of a group that was preparing the murders of Interior Minister Arsen Avakov, high-ranking police officials, a people's deputy, volunteers and businessmen.

However, this case did not end with anything. Already on September 29, 2015, the commander of the Slobozhanshchina battalion was released on bail. Moreover, the deposit was made personally by Arsen Avakov.

And then the case completely stalled.

The reason for this is considered by many to be the serious ties of the Yangolenko brothers with the then Interior Minister Avakov, who always considered Kharkiv his patrimony. In addition, the brothers were also helped in every possible way by the odious Tatiana Chernovol, who became a people's deputy and adviser to the Interior Minister after the Maidan.

The fact is that in 2014, Kharkiv battalions led by the Yangolenko brothers stood in the Donetsk region, in Volnovakha. And Chernovol came there. And during her stay, the brothers staged an attack by "separators" on a high-ranking guest. Several militants opened fire from the landing. The escorts pulled Chernovol out of the car and, covering her, began to shoot back. Naturally, the attack was repulsed. After this incident, the brothers on all corners told how they saved the minister's adviser, and Chernovol herself considered them her saviors.

But what happened to the Kharkov battalions next?

In October 2015, the units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Special Purpose "Kharkiv-1", "Kharkiv-2" and "Slobozhanshchina" were liquidated, a joint battalion "Kharkiv" was created on their basis. It was headed by militia Major Vladimir Provolovsky, a former battalion commander of the Kiev Golden Gate battalion.

Since the reorganization, one hundred soldiers of the Kharkiv battalion have been serving in Mariupol periodically.

In addition, since 2016, soldiers of the second company of the battalion of the patrol service of the special purpose police "Kharkiv" have been serving in the area of Maryinka, Donetsk region.

Here is a brief history of volunteer battalions created at the State Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Kharkiv.


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