Day: November 1, 2023

What is the HK Prize?

HK Prize is an online game offering players the chance to win cash prizes. Before you play, however, it is crucial that you understand its rules and regulations to prevent scams or fraudsters. Also make sure that a trustworthy website is chosen.

The Hong Kong Prize is one of the region’s premier awards, attracting thousands of applicants annually. This non-governmental merit-based prize recognizes scientific research with global impact while encouraging young scientists to pursue careers in science. Winners receive both monetary compensation as well as access to Hong Kong’s premier research facilities.

This year’s HK Prize nominees include activists fighting for freedom and democracy. Some have been arrested or sentenced to prison sentences, yet continue their work for their causes. Others are dedicated to community service – including founding an organization providing shelter to homeless adults or developing liquid biopsy technology which helps doctors diagnose cancer faster. As with the previous years’ awards, this year’s jury is independent from sponsorship or ad hoc committees so it ensures the winner will be deserving without political or personal biases being present.

Winners of the HK Prize not only gain financial prizes but will also have the chance to collaborate with top researchers and experts in their field, offering invaluable networking experience that may prove helpful later. It is open to humanities scholars worldwide.

Take part in a writing contest is another popular activity in Hong Kong and you may just walk away with book contract, cash prizes or publishing credits – not only that but writing contests can also improve language skills and allow participants to discover Asian cultures more deeply!

In 2020, the Hong Kong Prize for First Books was revived to recognize and encourage early-career humanities scholars in Hong Kong. As one of Hong Kong’s premier awards, this competition attracts applications from scholars worldwide.

The Hong Kong Prize for Outstanding Contributions in the Humanities recognizes individuals whose work has made outstanding contributions in fields related to humanities and social sciences, fostering high moral standards while supporting Hong Kong’s development.

The HK Prize for Academic Achievement in the Humanities is an academic scholarship program that recognizes students with outstanding academic achievements and talent, extracurricular involvement and community service activities, leadership qualities as well as community service achievements. Furthermore, this prize promotes a spirit of excellence among its recipients by challenging them to strive for the highest standards in their studies. Open to undergraduate and graduate students across Hong Kong – application deadline is June 30. To apply please fill out and submit an official HK Prize application form