Day: July 10, 2024

Sydney Pools

Sydney is famous for its ocean pools. These tidal pools provide swimming spots as well as surf, beach volleyball and barbecue venues – they can even provide shelter from storms! These coastal waters boast calm yet warm waters sheltered by a protective barrier of sand.

The southern two-thirds of NSW coastline is filled with pools, beach huts and spectacular sandstone buildings that epitomize Sydney’s nickname as “Sandstone City”. Sydney enjoys mild to hot air temperatures that complement tolerable water temperatures brought about by the east Australian (“Nemo”) current, making for ideal bathing conditions.

Ocean pools are popular amongst surfers and sunbathers alike, offering them the ability to experience natural saltwater without risk of hypothermia associated with unnaturally cold seawater. Furthermore, ocean pools serve as a safe venue for learning how to swim as well as an alternative to more popular beaches for learning the fundamentals.

Sydney was home to many ocean pools during the 20th century, yet some of the most iconic public swimming pools date back earlier. One such historic Sydney pool is Bondi and Bronte baths built in 1907; during their prime in the 1930s they began travelling around NSW offering learn-to-swim programs and social tourism initiatives for country children staying at Stewart House Preventorium as well as other social tourism programs.

In the 1970s, pollution from sewage effluent at Little Bay reduced support for ocean pools and raised environmental awareness. Nurses at Sydney’s Prince Henry Hospital raised funds for a new swimming pool at Coogee; opening in 1977 it became one of Australia’s first mixed-gender public pools.

Many of Sydney’s remaining ocean pools were renovated during the 1990s, including Coogee Baths and Wylie’s Baths at Coogee and Wylie’s Baths at Wylie’s along the southern end of the coastal walk. Wylie’s Baths was opened by champion long distance and underwater swimmer Henry Wylie and features raised decking built into cliffs for unparalleled views over Wedding Cake Island.

COVID-19 has resulted in an unprecedented surge in indoor and outdoor pool demand across Sydney. But with ownership comes many responsibilities when it comes to safety – so to ensure your pool meets all relevant standards it’s vital that a professional is involved.

Pool builders in Sydney who operate legally should present all required licenses to operate, which should be readily shown to you. Any pool builder working on projects over $5,000 must hold an official NSW Fair Trading licence to operate, giving you peace of mind that your pool will be constructed by an ethical contractor. Your contract should match up exactly with who’s on their license as well as meet all relevant NSW laws – choosing a reliable pool builder could make all the difference to its safety!