Top 5 Hong Kong Pools

Gambling Blog Jul 6, 2024

Swimming not only offers physical benefits, but it can also boost energy levels, reduce stress and depression, lower blood pressure and provide numerous other health advantages. Furthermore, it’s an accessible sport if practiced regularly – you don’t need a coach.

As summer nears, swimming in Hong Kong pools is an excellent way to cool off with family. Hong Kong boasts many beautiful public pools that will keep both adults and their little ones happy; some even provide spectacular city skyline views! So why wait – here are our top picks.

Mongkok Hotel provides guests with a peaceful retreat through their indoor and outdoor pools, but what really sets it apart are the stunning city skyline views from each. Oversized glass walls create an impressive backdrop while its infinity edge gives the illusion that one is floating above it all, taking in every inspiring sight below.

Nothing beats a relaxing swim with breathtaking views to put a spring in your step, and this pool certainly fits that bill. Situated on the 42nd floor, this exquisite pool provides stunning views over Mongkok’s bustling streets while providing the ideal place for uninterrupted lap swimming while taking in its breathtaking vistas.

Grand Hyatt Hotel’s rooftop pool stands out as one of the world’s most breathtaking rooftop pools, making it no secret why so many travellers visit. Aside from its jaw-dropping design, Victoria Harbour makes for a stunning backdrop in which to take a dip. And if you get lucky enough to secure one of their cabanas, enjoy both cocktails and this spectacular view simultaneously!

Do not forget your sunscreen and waterproof camera, as you will want to capture every beautiful view!

Wan Chai Pool, situated at the heart of Wan Chai, is a beloved destination for children. Boasting both leisure and training pools designed for youngsters as well as water slides suitable for different ages, this facility allows both parents and their offspring to play freely together on Mondays without feeling like the only ones swimming laps!

Cordis Hotel’s luxurious and exquisite pool isn’t only a shopping mecca; it also provides a breathtaking experience for relaxation. Inspired by Roman palatial design, this exquisite Roman-themed pool creates a grandiose ambiance with its statuesque columns and unique layout – providing the ideal spot to soak in some sun while taking in some stunning cityscape views.

No matter your swimming level or experience level, this pool offers something suitable for everyone. Both its indoor and outdoor pools are spacious; with three teaching, diving and leisure pools in its interior pool. Furthermore, its playground for little ones includes water slides, fountains and animals to climb upon.