Day: June 23, 2024

The HK Prize and Hong Kong’s Pro-Democracy Movement

HK Prize is an prestigious writing competition that attracts authors from around the world. This platform allows authors to showcase their work, gain exposure and network with fellow writers; top ten finalists receive both monetary awards and shopping vouchers; plus it gives you an excellent opportunity to build your portfolio while meeting industry leaders. However, make sure that before submitting, read all rules and regulations carefully or you could risk disqualification!

This year’s prize theme is “Colours of Humanity”, with entries open to any Hong Kong-based artist who wishes to express their hopes for a brighter future through art. Additionally, Goethe-Institut Hong Kong is providing a separate youth award.

No one is sure why the censors were concerned, but several board members noted that organizing an event could violate national security laws. Furthermore, legal advice has already been received that suggests an investigation by Chinese Communist Party should the prize event go forward.

Organisers say this event aims to underscore Hong Kong’s need to participate in globalization, while commemorating 100 years since the University’s history department first opened. George B. Endacott is being recognized for re-establishing it and elevating history as an academic field.

Hong Kong Palace Museum will host a week-long science festival in October to commemorate Hong Kong’s international reputation as a hub of scientific innovation. A prize of US$1 Million (HK$7.8 Million) will be awarded during this event, an award previously given out by Nobel Chemistry laureates and other prominent scientists.

Hong Kong’s pro-democracy activists are facing an uphill struggle in their attempt to preserve Hong Kong’s autonomy and civil liberties. Joshua Wong and Jimmy Lai, two prominent protest leaders involved with last year’s demonstrations, have both been sentenced to jail terms while Nathan Law remains behind bars awaiting his trial date.

Hong Kong remains a hub for innovation and excellence despite current political conditions, with both government and private firms investing in science and technology to support economic growth, improve people’s livelihood and enhance quality of life. The Hong Kong Prize (hk prize) is one of many initiatives promoting healthy, prosperous, and sustainable societies in Hong Kong. The competition seeks proposals on how Hong Kong could better shape its future development efforts on an international level through initiatives such as an Official Development Assistance program. Additionally, this prize will elevate Hong Kong’s global presence by encouraging young people to create innovative ideas and transformative solutions to global challenges. It should have positive ripple effects both locally and beyond; over 550 submissions were received worldwide within three years of its inception!