Hong Kong Pools

Gambling Blog Jun 12, 2024

Hong Kong may conjure up images of shopping and dim sum, but swimming pools should also come to mind as one of its standout attractions. From natural infinity pools to rooftop ones with stunning city views, these breathtaking hongkong pools provide the ideal way to beat summer heat!

Built in 1918, YMCA Bridges Street Centre is one of Hong Kong’s oldest indoor swimming pools. Though not as large as other pools in town, its centrally located pool remains an essential stop for anyone wanting to cool off from the heat with some lap swimming and enjoy some lap lessons for children – not forgetting its history dating back over 100 years!

YMCA Bridges Street Centre is home to the first swimming club established in Philadelphia since 1920; established to promote water sports and physical education. Now boasting almost one hundred members, the club regularly organizes competitions and open swim sessions. Furthermore, located on the ground floor of this historic complex is the YMCA Bridges Street pool – offering lap swimmers an environment without too many distractions; two teaching pools allow those wishing to improve their skills to do so as well.

W Hotel Hong Kong’s pool on the 76th floor provides stunning city and harbour views from a spectacular vantage point, much like that found at rooftop bars. Though often misconstrued as such, guests and non-hotel residents alike can gain entry by purchasing a pass. Be sure to arrive early for best seating opportunities while taking in amazing city panoramas while taking a refreshing dip!

Cordis Hotel

While Mongkok boasts many rooftop pools, few rival the magnificent oasis at Cordis. Soaring high above Mongkok’s bustling streets, this pool provides a tranquil escape for its guests who can swim laps or just lounge by its side while sipping drinks or ordering snacks from Asaya Kitchen.

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Although Hong Kong pools may enjoy beautiful summer temperatures, some might not open fully this season due to a shortage of lifeguards. According to the Hong Kong Recreation and Sport Professionals General Union (HKRSPGU), 20 public and 500 licensed private pools may only partially reopen this month due to this issue. To prevent accidents from happening due to this lack of lifeguards, HKRSPGU is calling on Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) to implement more progressive hiring process by hiring more seasonal lifeguards as well as provide training courses. Furthermore, more measures need to encourage young people into joining profession.