Day: March 13, 2024

The Sydney Prizes

Sydney prizes are given out as rewards to individuals who have made significant contributions to their community, usually in the form of financial awards; some also come with other advantages, like recognition or opportunities to network. There is a wide variety of awards that could be presented, from scholarships to fellowships; it is wise to research each one thoroughly prior to applying.

The Neilma Sidney Prize is an annual writing prize awarded annually, offering one lucky author $5000 prize money and publication both online and in Overland magazine. Judges look for stories loosely themed around travel that demonstrate more than simply location or trip planning.

Established in 1984 to honor Sir Sydney Smith’s memory and recognize scholarly works that advance humanity by investigating relationships among social, economic, political and environmental systems, this award has seen past winners such as a Nobel laureate, best-selling novelists and an Academy Award Winner for Best Actor among others.

This award recognizes each year the North American student submitting the top essay based on dissertation research into church history that makes an outstanding contribution to the field and displays significant merit. Past recipients have included Dr. Kate Carte (Religion and the American Revolution: An Imperial History; Omohundro Institute of Early American History and Culture and University of North Carolina Press 2021).

Hillman Prize has recognized journalists since 1950 who excel at investigative reporting and deep storytelling for public good, such as Jane Mayer’s work on Dick Cheney and Bush Administration violations of domestic and international law; Bill Moyers’ broadcast of “Buying the War;” and Spike Lee’s documentary film about levee disaster in New Orleans “When the Levees Broke”.

This monthly award from the Hillman Foundation “honors journalists who use investigative journalism to foster a more equitable society.” In keeping with Sidney Hillman, president of Amalgamated Clothing Workers of America and founder of Congress of Industrial Organizations, who had a vision of using investigative reporting for justice purposes. Over decades the foundation has worked tirelessly to shed light on issues facing working Americans while seeking equitable solutions that allow them to thrive and prosper.

This month, the Hillman Foundation honored Greenville News and Furman University for their investigative reporting that revealed the impact of a beloved urban renewal project on Black communities within Greenville. These media organizations received the February Sidney Prize along with Rose Arce, Ta-Nehisi Coates and Ed Yong to strengthen this long-running support for independent journalism that advocates social justice.