Choosing an RTP Slot

Gambling Blog Oct 18, 2023

RTP (Return to Player) of slot games should be an integral factor when selecting online casino games. A higher RTP indicates a greater probability that slot machines will pay out winnings to players on average; although RTP alone cannot guarantee success, understanding its odds can help players manage their bankroll better and make intelligent choices about which games to play.

An RTP slot is defined as one designed to return a certain percentage of money invested over an infinite number of spins, typically between 96%-97% on average depending on its provider and type. Note, though, that this number does not account for jackpots and progressive payouts as those are determined separately through random number generator (RNG) odds.

Many players pursue slots with higher RTP rates in hopes of winning bigger shares of the slot pie. In reality, RTP rates are simply guidelines; there’s always room for the house edge to erode any profits you might make; nonetheless, high RTP slots still provide plenty of entertainment and provide you with an opportunity to end your session on a positive note.

RTP stands for Real-Time Transport Protocol and is a network-level protocol designed to deliver video and audio data in real time. It can account for errors such as packets arriving out of order or improper spacing between them – known as “jitter” in industry terms – which could otherwise cause data transmission delays that lead to lost time stamps.

Online casinos publish the RTP of their games either in their footer or homepage, making this information easily accessible when selecting an online slot game. Some websites even provide tools that list these RTP values descendingly, helping users quickly locate those offering superior returns.

Apart from RTP, variance level of slot machines should also be taken into account when selecting games. Variance levels affect how often and how large winnings occur while higher volatility levels increase the possibility of long losing streaks. A good strategy would be selecting low-variance games with fixed stake amounts that won’t exceed half your total bankroll in losses.

Dead or Alive from NetEnt offers an impressive Return-to-Player (RTP) rate with numerous thrilling in-game features that keep players engaged throughout. This visually captivating video slot has captured players with its vivid graphics, captivating storyline and intriguing gameplay; not to mention an incredible RTP rate of over 12,000x your bet amount which has made this an eye-catcher in the market – its popularity even spawning its sequel!