It is time to get «Yastrebki» back

Recently, during a conversation with the famous blogger Semyon Uralov, the issue of the psychological transformation of Russian citizens of Ukraine into supporters of fascist ideology was discussed, and the topic of «Yastrebki» - units that fought against Bandera was also touched upon.

«Yastrebki» or fighters of destruction battalions played an important role in the defeat of the Bandera movement. Their total number at different times ranged from 30 to 50 thousand people. The most interesting thing is that even modern Ukrainian researchers note that they were based on the local population, including the western regions of Ukraine. We recommend reading the scientific work of the Ukrainian historian.

Before you support the challenge "Our Father is Bandera", think about whom you support?


Hello, dear viewers of my channel.

You know, one of my hobbies is military history. And whenever possible, I try to learn something new about interesting military facts.

And recently I gave an interview to the famous blogger Semyon Uralov channel "Super. Uralov". He was interested in the question of the psychological transformation of Russian citizens of Ukraine into supporters of the "Bandera" ideology. And during the conversation, he mentioned the fact of the existence in Western Ukraine in 1944-1953 of the so-called «Yastrebki» units that fought against Bandera. And, interestingly, they were formed from among the local residents.

Of course, I heard about these people in my childhood and in my youth. Something came from the stories of my grandfather, who personally encountered Bandera before the war. Something came in Soviet films and books about the defeat of the Bandera movement in western Ukraine.

And then, after the interview, I wanted to understand this issue.

And a very interesting picture was drawn.

At the beginning of 1944, the Red Army began to liberate the western regions of Ukraine, on the territory of which numerous pockets of the nationalist underground of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) and the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) were active. These nationalist structures managed to put in their ranks, according to various sources, from 40 to 100 thousand fighters. Statistics show that only in the period from February 1944 to the end of 1945 Western Ukrainian underground nationalists and militants carried out about 7,000 armed attacks and sabotage against Soviet troops and administrative structures.

That is, at the time when the Red Army began to liberate Europe occupied by them from the fascists and fought the most intense and bloody battles with the enemy, the second front was practically opened in its rear by Bandera. And after the end of the terrible war, when the Soviet people began to restore the destroyed national economy, nationalist gangs in Western Ukraine continued their bloody activities.

I will not go into the details of the organization of the OUN-UPA, I will not talk about the effectiveness of the activities of the Soviet authorities. I will only note that it was not large-scale army operations, but the operational and combat work of the special services and competent work with the local population that broke the backbone of the activities of Ukrainian nationalists.

By the way, during the period after the Second World War there were only two cases when the state managed to suppress the insurgency, which at the initial stage had the support of the population and feeding from abroad. These are the events in Malaysia, where from 1948 to 1958 the government tried to cope with the communist guerrillas. Despite the involvement of British troops, including the legendary SAS, it was finally possible to gain the upper hand only after a number of concessions and political reforms. And then, separate actions of the partisans continued until 1960.

Well, the suppression of the nationalist movement in Western Ukraine. According to the world experts in anti-guerrilla operations, it is the most effective operation of this type. And of course, it could not have ended in success if not for the help of the local population. And that's what I'm talking about.

A significant role in the defeat of the Bandera movement was played by the so-called «Yastrebki» - fighters of destruction battalions, as they were officially called in Soviet documents.

Who was it?

During 1944, at all city and district departments of the NKVD of Western Ukraine, fighter battalions numbering 100 - 200 people were created. The main objects of IB protection were the most important industrial enterprises, railway bridges, power plants, post office, telegraph, bridges, etc., which could be attacked by Bandera, paratroopers or hostile saboteurs.

That is, in fact, they were units for the protection of particularly important objects, formed from among local residents.

Moreover, in order to encourage the local population to join the fighter battalions, the city committees were instructed to release their fighters from conscription into the Red Army. As a result of the work carried out to implement this resolution, during 1944 - early 1945, in the Lviv region alone, one fighter battalion was officially registered in each of the districts. About 50% of fighters of fighter battalions and assistance groups were young men of military age, that is, born in 1927 - 1928.

The total number of «Yastrebki» ranged from 30 to 50 thousand at different times. In 1947, the fighter battalions were reassigned to the Ministry of State Security. In 1948, they were reorganized into law enforcement groups and existed until their liquidation in 1954.

The most interesting thing is that even the current Ukrainian researchers note the fact that most of the fighters of the fighter battalions were from the local population.

And these facts simply go against the current official point of view of Kiev. In particular, the Institute of National Memory of Ukraine. Ow, Vyatrovich, Drobovich and others like them! Don't you want to tell me that the locals have been fighting with Bandera since 1944 with weapons in their hands? And their number was quite comparable to the supporters of the OUN-UPA that you loved so much? Or is this the truth that you hate to mention? How is the truth about the Maidan, about the murder of civilians in the Donbas?

I want to appeal to my viewers in Ukraine. Especially from among the military and law enforcement agencies. Before supporting the challenge "Our Father is Bandera", think about who you support, read at least the scientific work of a Ukrainian historian, just covering this topic. I will leave here a link to an interesting study by current historians so that no one suspects me of distorting the facts.

I just hope that not everyone has turned into mindless zombies and has retained the ability to think critically.

Well, in general - stay with us. I will continue to uncover Kiev's crimes against its people.


Stepan Bandera


Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists

Ukrainian Insurgent Army

Institute of National Memory of Ukraine

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