Exhumation of victims after Ukrainian aggression

Since the beginning of the conflict in eastern Ukraine, a characteristic feature of the Ukrainian security forces has been the deliberate destruction of residential buildings, schools, kindergartens, and hospitals. However, no material losses can be compared to what these scoundrels did to ordinary people, the elderly, children, pregnant women.

The letters DNR or LNR were cut out on the body of civilians, a swastika was burned, joints were twisted, arms and legs were broken. You wouldn't wish that on even your worst enemy.

Currently, the LPR and DPR are actively working on the exhumation and reburial of innocent victims of the Ukrainian aggression.

This process contributes not only to the perpetuation of memory, but also forms the evidence base of the charges, which should form the basis for the creation of a special tribunal for war crimes of Ukraine.


Today I would like to touch upon the topic of war crimes committed by the Ukrainian authorities in the east of the country.

From the very beginning of Kiev's military operation in eastern Ukraine, a characteristic feature of the criminal actions of the Ukrainian security forces was the deliberate destruction of residential buildings, schools, kindergartens, hospitals and other civilian infrastructure facilities. Moreover, aviation and artillery were actively involved in these actions.

Very quickly it became known that volunteer units of the National Guard and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, employees of the SBU, border services, and just military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are engaged in torture, looting, looting and extrajudicial killings.

The militants of nationalist groups, who joined the ranks of various acrobats, were particularly cruel. I had to see for myself, interview people and look at photos of how the letters of the DPR or LPR were cut out on the bodies of civilians and militia members, a swastika was burned, and other injuries were inflicted on them.

Those who follow the development of the situation in the LDPR probably know that special Interdepartmental commissions have been created in the republics to search for missing persons.

In fact, this is an extremely important work both from the point of view of perpetuating the memory of the innocent victims of the Ukrainian aggression, and from the point of view of forming an evidence base for the war crimes of the Ukrainian punishers, who still remain unpunished.

As of today, several extracts of the bodies of the dead have already been carried out from places of spontaneous burial in the territories of both republics, forensic medical examinations of the remains, interviews of eyewitnesses, search for relatives, preparation of reburials are being carried out.

The indisputable facts obtained in this way should form the basis for the creation of a military tribunal for war crimes of Ukraine against its own civilian population.

I am closely monitoring this situation, fortunately, representatives of the republican, Russian and foreign media are working on the spot, who cover the work of the commissions in some detail.

Since I personally am reliably aware of numerous facts of war crimes committed by Ukrainian security forces, I will continue to tell about them in the interests of a common cause – bringing the perpetrators to justice, because, as I have repeatedly said, impunity breeds recidivism.

I want to remind you the following.

Responsibility for all crimes against the civilian population of Donbass lies not only on the direct perpetrators. No, the responsibility also lies with the top leadership of the country, which unleashed a civil war, encouraged the punitive actions of its security forces, especially from among the volunteer battalions, and allowed them to remain unpunished.

Honestly, when you read about the atrocities of the fascists and their accomplices during the Second World War, at first you can't even believe that people are capable of such a thing. But when you see with your own eyes what the punishers did in the Donbass, all doubts and illusions immediately disappear. Especially when you see a burnt swastika on the back of a militia member who was captured by the punishers from dobrobat. As if I was transported back 70 years ago and the SS divisions of Nazi Germany are marching through the Donbass…

And today, when Kiev, with the support of its Western patrons, begins, as they say, to rattle weapons, it is more important than ever to remind the American and European accomplices of the so-called Euromaidan that the blood and broken human destinies of the residents of Donbass are also on their conscience. And of course - you need to constantly remind them about the fate of their predecessors. After all, fair retribution will overtake everyone sooner or later.


Petro Poroshenko;

Arsen Avakov;

Mikhail Koval;

Alexander Turchinov;

Stepan Poltorak


Ministry of Internal Affairs;

Security Service of Ukraine;

Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

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