Court of Appeal in Odessa considers Sterneko case

The Odessa Court of Appeal has started considering the case of the former activist of the "Right Sector" Sergei Sterneko.

A Large-scale weapons cache discovered in Kharkiv

A weapons cache was found in one of the garage cooperatives of Kharkiv. Firearms, ammunition and grenade launchers were stored there in large quantities.

The series "Papik-2" is among the top five programs on Russian TV

The TV series produced by "Kvartal 95" was watched by every seventh viewer of the Russian Federation.

Mariupol activists tried to paint over the St. George ribbon

On the square of the Soldiers-Liberators, young people painted over the St. George ribbon laid out of tiles. They painted over the drawing with the colors of the Ukrainian flag.

Ukraine to sell Motor Sich shares to Turkey

Turkish media reported that 50% of the shares of the aircraft manufacturer may be sold to a Turkish firm.

Moldova wants to lift immunity from Ukrainian diplomat

The demand of the Moldovan authorities is connected with the kidnapping of the former Ukrainian judge Nikolay Chaus on the territory of Moldova.

The police officer hit colleagues who tried to arrest him for a bribe

The suspect tried to leave the scene as soon as he received money from the alleged drug dealer.

The MP from the "Holos" party hid the income of her husband in the declaration

The declaration states that "the family member did not provide the information."

The media published new audio recordings in the case of flight MH17

According to the records, the suspects did not know about the plane crash for several hours.

In Odessa, protests resumed over utility bills

The protesters blocked traffic on the square "April 10" and demanded that the authorities reduce utility bills.