New interview with Vasily Prozorov

Former SBU lieutenant colonel Vasily Prozorov in 2014-2015 made several business trips to the ATO zone, at one time he was deputy commander of the "M" sector. According to him, on May 9, 2014 in Mariupol, security forces deliberately shot the building of the city police department, where local police officers were located. Among them, many sympathized with the DPR. But no action was taken against the authorities and the Ukrainian authorities as a whole.
According to him, the Mariupol police received orders to obstruct the referendum: block polling stations, detain members of the election commission, and seize materials. However, most refused to do this, because then there would be a conflict with fellow countrymen and even relatives.

Prozorov claims to have communicated with local police. “They are absolutely sure that it was a Kiev provocation. They paid for the fact that they refused to fulfill orders to disperse, suppress the referendum on May 11 ... The Azov battalion, Kiev leaders, and representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs tried to stop insubordination, ”said the ex-lieutenant colonel of the SBU.