Information and psychological operations (InfoPsyOps) of the special services of Ukraine are carried out amid civil war conducted by Kiev against the unrecognized people's republics – the DPR and LPR. To hide this shameful phenomenon from the world public, the Ukrainian authorities camouflage the concept of civil war, calling it either an anti-terrorist operation or an operation of the United forces.

Ukraine Air Assault Forces and their exploits

A new vlog about Ukraine Air Assault Forces was published on YouTube channel


New interview for PolitWera Youtube channel. The conversation was about Kiev's sabotage and psychological operations of the Ukrainian special services against Donbass. Also spoke about large number of foreign instructors in the Ukrainian special services.

Ukraine Special Operations Forces and their problems

A new vlog about Ukraine Special Operations Forces was published on my YouTube channel

The drunk patroller has brought down the pedestrian and has escaped the crime scene

In city of Kropivnitsky the local officer ran down a pedestrian.

The sergeant of Ukrainian army killed his subordinate

In Dubno of the Rovno region the sergeant of a combat intelligence company beat hi subordinate to death.

Police officer brought down a man and took off

Officer of one of territorial divisions of national police of Lvovskiy region hit a pedestrian by car and escaped the place of road accident.

The deputy in Zakarpatsky region hit by car the teenager

Peoples deputy of Vinogradsky regional council of the Zakarpatye Ivan Udud was driving his Toyota Land Cruiser and brought down the motorcyclist who died because of the injuries.

The veteran of ATO took hostage a police officer

The participant of ATO Roman Skripnik was going to hijack the car but took hostage the head of criminal investigation department of police of Poltava region. A year after his return from the zone of military operations Skripnik received the diagnosis “schizophrenia” with aggression to people. He was also charged for storage and distribution of narcotic substances.

Poroshenko take charge of someone the veteran of ATO who attacked the deputy

Poroshenko take charge of someone the veteran of ATO who attacked the deputy Alexander Pogrebisky who committed the assault on the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Oleg Voloshin was released. District court of Kiev decided make several deputies responsible for him. Former Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko, involved in several criminal cases is among those politicians.

The fighter of «Azov» battalion provoked a conflict in Zaporizhia

A serviceman of the battalion "Azov" Oleg Cherevko put up the fight near one of supermarkets of Zaporizhia. He was badly wounded in the fight with locals and taken to the nearest hospital.