TV tower stumbling block

In this video:
- suppression of dissent among residents of Donbass as an integral part of the ATO;
- the counter-terrorism division of the security Council of Ukraine coordinates an act of terror on the territory of the country;
- plans to destroy the TV tower in Donetsk, as well as the names of SBU officials who planned the sabotage.

The statements made in the replica are documented.


Hello! This is Vasily Prozorov. I continue to talk about the crimes of the Kiev regime.

And today we will talk about the attempt of the Ukrainian special services to carry out a sabotage operation in the Donbas. But the background first. There is a powerful TV tower in the Petrovsky district of Donetsk . As they say, the beauty and pride of the city. The mast height is 360 meters. With its help, the local television center broadcasts its programs to the entire Donetsk region and even the east of Dnepropetrovsk. Let me remind you that an integral part of the so-called anti-terrorist operation (ATO), in which the Ukrainian security forces took part, was the suppression of dissent among the residents of Donbass. And among other things, Kiev needed by any available means to block alternative information coming through TV channels from the DPR.

The Kiev authorities “appointed” the aforementioned 360-meter tower to be the culprit of the unauthorized freedom of speech since the signal from Donetsk interrupted all other pro-Ukrainian transmitters.

In this case, a resident of the territory controlled by the Ukrainian authorities had the opportunity to watch various TV channels at a choice. If you like the Kiev authorities - watch "1 + 1" and ICTV, if you want to know about the position of Russia and the DPR - watch "Russia 24" or "Oplot TV". And that's okay.

A person should have freedom of choice, including in the information space. But it was freedom of speech that began to pose a much greater threat to the Kiev authorities than the armed resistance of the residents of Donbass. And in 2015, the Security Service of Ukraine made a decision to destroy the TV tower and thus stop broadcasting “unauthorized TV channels”. In this regard, let me introduce you to a very curious and eloquent document. Here is a code cable telegram dated 05/26/2015.

It was prepared by the SBU department in the Donetsk region and sent to Kiev to the name of the first deputy chairman of the SBU, Colonel-General Hrytsak. The general, in turn, sent it to work out the issue to the department of counterintelligence protection of state interests in the field of information security, which at that time was headed by Colonel Vitaly Naida.

The department for the protection of national statehood and the fight against terrorism, headed by Major General Anatoly Dublik, and the headquarters of the anti-terrorist center under the SBU, together with its chief, at that time Colonel Gennady Kuznetsov, also joined in the study of the issue.

I mention all these names so that the country knows its "heroes" in the fight against freedom of speech.

Judge for yourself - it speaks directly about the destruction of the TV tower. Not a military facility, but a civilian infrastructure facility. Colonel Alexandr Kuts, at that time the head of the SBU department in the Donetsk region, addresses the leadership of the Ukrainian security service with this proposal. I do not know if he is a professional miner, but he cannot be denied hypocrisy. The colonel allegedly shows concern for the safety of people living near the TV tower, and in his telegram indicates that the nearest houses are at a distance of 290 meters from the tower. Perhaps he forgot that its height is 360 meters. It is hardly worth counting on the jewelry blasting of such a structure, therefore, no one undertook to calculate the consequences of the destruction in the district. And if we take into account other possible grave consequences in the form of a blast wave, the scattering of fragments and so on, then the damage to the civilian sector would be comparable to artillery shelling or an air raid.

So, the SBU units worked out the above document in detail.

And - they did not have any objections. On the contrary, the headquarters of the anti-terrorist center agreed on an appeal to the Rada of Ukraine to resolve the issue of liquidating the tower.

Isn't it true, what an evil irony - a unit that must fight terrorism, coordinates a planned act of terror against a civilian infrastructure object ...
Fortunately, in 2017, law enforcement officers of the DPR detained a sabotage group, one of whose goals was a TV tower in Petrovsky district of Donetsk ...

The detained saboteurs clearly indicated that the tasks were assigned to them by the Security Council of Ukraine.

Comments, as they say, are unnecessary.


Vasily Hrytsak

Vitaly Naida

Anatoly Dublik

Gennady Kuznetsov

Alexandr Kuts