Svityaz company

The Svityaz Special Purpose patrol police company was established in June 2014 in the Volyn region.  Its first commander was Alexander Frantsevich. This unit is known for being surrounded in both Ilovaysk and Debaltseve.

During the battles for Uglegorsk in the winter of 2015, the company's positions were located in a boarding school for visually impaired children, who at that time still remained in the building… At the same time, it was the capture of Uglegorsk by the militia that made possible the encirclement of the Ukrainian group. Once surrounded, the Svityaz fighters, led by their commander, left their positions and fled the city. After that, the Ukrainian command decided to remove the company from Debaltseve. In the midst of the fighting.


The last unit I would like to talk about today is the Svityaz company.

The Svityaz Company, a volunteer unit of the special purpose patrol police, was established in June 2014 at the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Volyn region.  On July 12, its fighters took the oath, and on August 14 they headed to the ATO zone.

Its first commander was Alexander Fatsevich, by the way, a native of Russia, who came to Ukraine only in 1998.

Fatsevich is a professional military man, graduated from the Odessa Institute of Land Forces, served in the airmobile forces in Ukraine, and therefore it is not surprising that he was assigned to lead a company.
It is worth noting that Svityaz is perhaps the most "boiler" division. After all, this company happened to be surrounded both in Ilovaysk and Debaltseve.

In Ilovaysk, Volyn dobrobatovtsy participated in the battle from mid-August, and on the 29th, 40 company soldiers were captured.

The company lost 7 people who died.

For some time, the militants recovered in Lutsk, but in December 2014, the company was sent to the city of Uglegorsk in the area of the Debaltseve salient.

During the battles for Uglegorsk on January 30, 2015, the Svityaz company occupied positions in the building of a boarding school for visually impaired children, among other things. At the same time, some of the children at that time still remained in the building…

In Uglegorsk, the company was again surrounded, but, as Semen Semenchenko wrote, "thanks to the wise leadership of commander Alexander Fatsevich, it managed to slip out of the ring." Simply, the company fled, leaving its positions to the advancing militia forces.

Moreover, in the future, Fatsevich told terrible stories that he called fire on himself to escape from the boiler and that thousands of militants led by Zakharchenko stormed Uglegorsk.

Let me remind you that it was with the capture of Uglegorsk that it became possible for the DPR-LPR forces to enter the Debaltseve-Artemovsk highway and encircle the Ukrainian group.

And after that, the decision of the Ukrainian command to remove the company from the combat zone becomes clear – too many considered them guilty of the surrender of Uglegorsk. Therefore, on February 5, 2015, at the height of the fighting, the Svityaz company returned to the Volyn region. In the midst of the fighting.

In July 2015, Alexander Fatsevich was appointed deputy head of the National Police of Ukraine for his "courage and courage". This is explained by the close relationship between Fatsevich and Arsen Avakov, who, in addition to being appointed to a high position, awarded the company commander with a nominal firearm.

Well, in the future, the company continues its work in the management system of the National Police of the Volyn region, periodically traveling in rotation to the Donbass.

Here is a brief history of volunteer units in the system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, who took part in the Battle of Ilovaisk.


Alexander Fatsevich

Semyon Semenchenko