Crimes of the Mirotvorets regiment

The new video is dedicated to the volunteer unit of the Ukrainian law enforcement agencies created in the system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs - Mirotvoretz regiment.

It consists of professional military and law enforcement officers - veterans of peacekeeping missions with extensive experience of participation in foreign operations, as well as members of the Kyivschyna, Harpoon battalions, as well as the Tornado militia company.

The militants of the regiment committed a lot of crimes against civilians. And the fact that the "Mirotvoretz" is less known to the general population should not justify the cruelty of its fighters. This unit, like other dobrobats, is a punitive detachment that performed the main task of the Kiev authorities – to suppress pro-Russian sentiments in the east of Ukraine with fire and sword.


I continue the story about the volunteer units of the Ukrainian law enforcement agencies, specifically about the units in the Interior Ministry system.

And today I will briefly focus on the unit "Mirotvorets".

At the moment, this unit is called the special purpose police regiment Mirotvorets GU NRU in the Kiev region.

It included soldiers of the battalions "Mirotvorets", "Kyivschyna", "Harpoon", created at the State Department of Internal Affairs in the Kiev region and the police company "Tornado". Yes, the same company "Tornado".

But, about everything in order.

After the decision of the Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov to create volunteer units of the special purpose patrol service in the structure of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, such units began to appear like mushrooms after the rain. The GU of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Kiev region was no exception, where several such units were formed.
And the first was the special purpose patrol militia battalion "Mirotvorets", formed on May 9, 2014.

The difference between the Mirotvorets battalion and other similar formations was that pensioners and veterans of internal affairs bodies and persons who served in peacekeeping missions were invited to serve in it. The battalion consists of professional military and law enforcement officers - veterans of peacekeeping missions with extensive experience of participation in foreign operations. Militia Colonel Andrey Anatolyevich Teteruk was appointed commander of the battalion.

Thus, when forming the battalion, all its personnel were volunteers, mainly pensioners of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

It is worth noting that Ukrainian law enforcement officers really had considerable experience of police missions under the auspices of the UN, for example, in Kosovo, Bosnia, Sierra Leone.

On May 31, 2014, Mirotvorets volunteers took the oath and on July 11, after a short preparation, they arrived in the ATO zone. At first, the battalion was stationed in Slavyansk. On August 2, he was relocated to Dzerzhinsk, near Gorlovka, where he stayed for about three weeks. In August 2014, the battalion took an active part in the battle in Ilovaisk. Directly in the city itself, the militants of the "Mirotvorets" were from August 24 to 29. As a result of the battle, the battalion suffered serious losses, both killed and wounded,and captured.

By the way, during the short period of control by the dobrobats of Ilovaysk, more than 300 civilians disappeared there without a trace, and in the places where the dobrobats were stationed, they still find the graves of victims of reprisals.
The remnants of the battalion, who managed to get out of the encirclement, were sent to the base "for rest and recuperation". The militants then considered their command incompetent, saying later that crooks and politicians, and not military professionals, were at the" helm " of the battalion.

In the autumn of 2014, a significant part of the militants wrote a report for dismissal, not wanting to fight in the Donbas. Another third of the personnel also left this unit, leaving the positions and arriving at the battalion headquarters located in Kiev. The militants are extremely outraged by the way the command treated them. They explained that " after participating in the Battle of Ilovaisk, where the Mirotvorets suffered heavy losses, the battalion commanders spat on their soldiers and are fully engaged in politics."

The special indignation of the militants was caused by the behavior of the battalion commander Andrei Teteruk, who, having left his subordinates in the Ilovaisk boiler, together with the commander of the Dnepr battalion Yuri Bereza and Semyon Semenchenko, simply escaped from the encirclement. As I said earlier, a lot of dobrobat commanders used the pseudo-success of their units to achieve personal goals. Teteruk, who became a people's Deputy, was no exception. Together with Semenchenko, Parasyuk, Bereza and many other odious field commanders.

By the way, in December 2014, Teteruk, together with Bereza and Semenchenko, went to the United States as part of the official delegation of Ukraine. During the visit, the commanders of the dobrobats noted their meeting with John McCain, as well as the story of providing American parliamentarians with photos allegedly demonstrating the presence of Russian military personnel in the Donbas. Subsequently, it turned out that the submitted photos were falsified.

"The Ukrainian parliamentarians who gave us these photos in printed form, as if they themselves took them on camera, did themselves a disservice," said Senator Jim Inhofe from Oklahoma.

Another unit that became part of the Mirotvorets regiment was the special purpose patrol militia battalion Kyivschyna.

The battalion was also formed at the end of April 2014 in the structure of the GU of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Kiev region. The personnel was recruited from among former police officers and Maidan self-defense volunteers.

On May 19, 2014, the first 90 fighters took the oath. The battalion went to the east of the country at the end of May, when the first fighters arrived in the Luhansk region, in the city of Svatovo.

In the future, the battalion participated for a long time in the ATO on the territory of the Luhansk region, until in the summer of 2015 it became part of the Mirotvorets regiment.

During the period of their rotations, the soldiers of the battalion noted numerous facts of looting, robberies and thefts of personal property of local residents.

The third unit in the Mirotvorets regiment was the Harpoon Battalion, formed on September 15, 2014.

The unit was created as an absolutely volunteer unit, which was loudly called either a reconnaissance battalion, a battalion of volunteer special forces, or a partisan formation. The unit was almost completely staffed by Maidan participants, in particular, it included activists of the Maidan Self-Defense, Plast organizations, the Youth Nationalist Congress and S-14.

It was from this organization that the well-known nationalist leader Yevgeny Karas came to dobrobaty (first to the Kiev-2 battalion, and then to the Harpoon). By the way, on November 15, 2017, the Consortium "Terrorism Research & Analysis Consortium TRAC", which is a digital database of research and analysis of terrorism, included the Ukrainian neo-Nazi organization" S-14 " in the international list of terrorist organizations.

The Harpoon fighters in the ATO zone closely interacted with the SBU officers. They are behind the numerous abductions and murders without trial of residents of Donetsk and Luhansk regions. In addition, scum from the nationalist unit repaired their crimes far from the ATO zone. For example, one of the killers of Olesya Buzina – Andrey Medvedko, served in the ATO as part of the Kiev-2 and Harpoon battalions.

The Harpoon fighters maintained close contacts with the SBU in the future, continuing to fulfill dirty orders of the SB of Ukraine already in the status of a public organization S-14. Their numerous actions in Kiev are widely known, related to attacks on persons objectionable to the authorities, on diplomatic missions of the Russian Federation, with pogroms of gypsy camps, as well as with participation in raider seizures. In fact, the former fighters of the "Harpoon" battalion, led by Yevgeny Karasem, have turned into mercenaries, who are covered by the Department for the Protection of National Statehood of the SBU. The Harpoon battalion itself was disbanded in the summer of 2015, and its personnel joined the Mirotvorets regiment being created.

In addition to these units, the Mirotvorets regiment also included fighters of the infamous Tornado company, as it was officially said: those who were not involved in crimes. However, in the same way, the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs spoke about their punishers when they disbanded the Shakhtersk battalion - the bad ones were kicked out, the good ones were left. Six months later ,the "good" ones showed themselves in full glory.

Thus, the special purpose police regiment "Mirotvorets" was formed in August 2015 and is still a unit of the State Police of the National Police of the Kiev region.

From the very beginning, the battalions "Mirotvorets", "Kyivschyna", "Harpoon" were completely volunteer formations, largely formed from the Maidan self-defense fighters. Naturally, the militants of the units are also smeared with the blood of civilians of Donbass and the rest of Ukraine.

And the fact that these units are not so well-known in connection with crimes against civilians, you should not be deceived. Any unit formed from volunteers is essentially a punitive detachment that performed the main task of the Kiev authorities – to suppress pro-Russian sentiments in the east of Ukraine with fire and sword.

Every soldier of such units is guilty of crimes against humanity by the very fact of serving in such a unit.

Stay tuned. I will continue the story about the crimes of the volunteer units of the Kiev authorities.


Arsen Avakov;

Semyon Semenchenko;

Andrey Teteruk;

Yuri Bereza;

Evgeny Karas;

Andrey Medvedko


Mirotvorets regiment

Kyivschyna battalion

Harpoon battalion

Tornado company

Ministry of Internal Affairs

Department of National Statehood Protection of the SBU