Crimes of the Kherson battalion

The battalion of the special purpose patrol militia "Kherson" was created in July 2014, and its first commander was Ruslan Storcheus. The militants were trained at a training ground near Dnepropetrovsk, and they were also trained by foreign instructors from Georgia and Israel.

The training of the battalion was accompanied by a loud scandal. The command was unable to provide the punishers with basic things - bulletproof vests, sleeping bags, and weapons were issued one for two.

The Kherson fighters became involved in a huge number of criminal cases. This includes drunk driving, robbery, and drug trafficking. One of these cases occurred in 2016, when the battalion was already reorganized into a patrol police company. One of the fighters was convicted of selling drugs. In his defense, he said that in this way he collected money for the ATO.

So called "benefactors".


The next dobrobat who distinguished himself in Ilovaysk is the battalion of the special purpose patrol militia "Kherson".

The battalion was created in May 2014 at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Kherson region. The number of the battalion was determined at 300 people.

In July 2014, the battalion's soldiers began training at the training ground near Dnepropetrovsk, and they were trained by foreign instructors, in particular from Georgia and Israel.

At the end of July, the battalion commander Ruslan Storcheus said that he would not send the battalion to the ATO, as his subordinates were not provided with basic things, in particular bulletproof vests, sleeping bags, etc. All this had to be purchased with the help of sponsorship. What can I say, even if there were not enough weapons for each fighter, they gave out one machine gun for two.

The leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Kherson region hastened to declare that they do not plan to send the militants of the special battalion "Kherson" to the zone of the "anti-terrorist operation", but will use them "to protect public order at checkpoints and in areas bordering the temporarily occupied Crimea to prevent the penetration of military equipment, weapons and radical citizens into the Kherson region."

However, already in mid-August 2014, 50 Kherson fighters went to the ATO zone and got right into the midst of the battle for Ilovaysk.

The Kherson residents acted together with the Donbass battalion, they placed their positions in the captured school No. 14.

The battalion was unlucky from the very beginning – already on August 25, the battalion commander Ruslan Storcheus died along with his driver. In the future, during the fighting and the attempt to break out of the encirclement, Kherson lost 9 people only killed.

In the future, the battalion performed tasks in Kherson itself. By the way, he was attracted to counter the so-called "energy blockade" of the Crimea. Do you remember when the ideological patriots of Ukraine, out of a "sense of solidarity with the people of Crimea," blew up power poles on the border with the peninsula in the fall of 2015? The Kiev authorities then for a long time determined who was closer to them - the Crimean Tatars, the Right Sector and other extremists, or the law, which by that time in Ukraine was openly spat on. But in the end, they decided to disperse the blockade, and detain the activists. They even attracted the Kherson battalion for this. By the way, the operation was led by Ilya Kiva, who previously commanded the Poltava dobrobat and became the head of the Department for countering drug crime of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Then he reported that the radicals of the "Right Sector", who blocked the area of the power transmission towers that were blown up in the Kherson region, connecting Ukraine and Crimea, wounded a police colonel with a knife.
"During an attack on police officers by protesters, a police colonel was injured, who was stabbed from behind, trying to take possession of his weapon," Kiva wrote.

It is a paradox, but at that time there were also several dozen people from the "Right Sector" in the composition of Kherson, who switched to dobrobat after the events of the summer of 2015, when the PS staged real battles in Transcarpathian Mukachev.

In general, by the time the police intervened, the pillars had already been blown up. Then, at the end of November – December 2015, many residents of Crimea and Sevastopol felt the "weight of Ukrainian love".

But let's return to the Kherson battalion. In 2016, it was reorganized into a special purpose patrol police company. But the quality of the personnel is evidenced by numerous facts of crimes committed by the company's fighters: from drunken accidents to drug trafficking. Moreover, sometimes there are just ridiculous situations, as in April 2016, when a fighter of the Kherson company was convicted of selling drugs, and he said in his defense that he was collecting money for the ATO in this way.


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