Ex-head of the Tax service suspicted of abuse

Former head of the State tax service Sergey Verlanov was informed of suspicion of abuse.

The loss of ballots was announced in Kharkov

When accepting ballots at the city election commission a shortage. 2.5 thousand ballots for elections to the city council and 3.5 thousand for elections of the city mayor did not arrive from the printing house.

Hungarian officials conduct illegal political agitation in Transcarpathia

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine has appealed to law enforcement agencies to provide a legal assessment of the actions of Hungarian officials who conducted political agitation during visits to Transcarpathia.

"Drug dealer of people's deputies and majors" Yuri Chernetsky released

A 2 million hryvnia bail was made for Yuri Chernetsky, who is called "a drug dealer of Kiev majors and people's deputies".

SBU prepares searches on bot farms financed by Poroshenko's entourage

According to journalist Olesya Medvedeva, in the coming days, the security service of Ukraine plans to conduct searches on bot farms funded by Petro Poroshenko's entourage.

Venediktova left the case "Rotterdam+" closed

According to sources of the publication in the NABU, the Prosecutor General did not study in detail the case materials and the decision of the Prosecutor to close it. T

The head of the election commission detained in Odessa

In Odessa, the Chairman of the election Commission and a local resident were detained, and almost 45 thousand US dollars were seized from them during the investigation. The money was planned to be used to bribe voters in local elections on October 25.

Ukrainian authorities put pressure on the media claims that the Ukrainian authorities put pressure on the editorial.

Law enforcement officers detained a police officer on suspicion of "protecting" drug dealers

According to the investigation, a senior operative of the criminal investigation Department of the national Police in the Zaporozhye region covered the sale of drugs.

The SBU officer went to judge football matches instead of official business trips

As reported, an employee of the main Directorate of military counterintelligence of the SBU during business trips voluntarily left the place of service to be a referee at football matches.