The republics of Donbass are trying to sober up the "hotheads" in Kiev

Vasily Prozorov commented on the statement for the Realist news agency, according to which the DPR forces received permission to conduct pre-emptive fire to suppress and destroy the firing points of the Ukrainian army.

According to Prozorov, there has been an increase in war rhetoric in Ukraine for a long time. Even the top leaders of the state, for example, the Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov, talk about the upcoming escalation of hostilities with the approach of warm weather. In this situation, the government of the republics of Donbass consciously took such a difficult step: sometimes it is better to immediately let the aggressor know that he should be waiting for a serious battle.

It is quite possible that this was done just for the purpose of information sobering up the "hotheads" in Kiev. Well, do not forget about the ordinary soldiers of the Donbass. What is it like for them to sit in the trenches under Ukrainian mines and shells, not having the right to shoot back? There is a hope that the initiators of the escalation in Kiev will receive the message and refuse.