The court arrested the property of the National Guard ex-commander

The ┬źSolomensky┬╗ district court of Kiev arrested the property of the National Guard former commander Yury Allerov.

Investigating authorities established, in the 2000th the Main department of internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine (it was reorganized into Main department of the National Guard of Ukraine) and the property development company signed the agreement according to which a housing estate with an underground parking and non-residential rooms had to be constructed in the territory the former military unit. The National Guard had to receive 50 apartments and 30 parking spaces in a housing estate in exchange for the land plot about 1 hectare in the center of Kiev.

However afterwards, in 2016-2017 the parties signed supplementary agreements according to which the National Guard refused these apartments and parking spaces in the center of Kiev in exchange for 65 apartments in the house, which was built on the suburb of Kiev with the same property development company. The pre-judicial investigation examination established, the cost of these apartments was at 81,635,448 UAH less than apartments are estimated in the center of Kiev.