The scheme of expensive electric power buying revealed

A TV program "Skhemy" released an investigation on this issue and a transcription of Kononeko’s audio recordings.

According to "Skhemy", two businessmen Grigory and Igor Surkis, the wanted ex-chairman of the board of directors "Energoseti" company Dmitry Kryuchkov, the People's Deputy for "Popular front" Igor Kotvitsky and other officials participated in these machinations.

In spring-summer 2015 it was agreed that large local industrial enterprises (The titanomagnesian combinant in Zaporizhie, Dneprospetsstal and the Ferroalloy plant in Zaporizhie) should pay directly for delivered electric power not to regional power distribution companies (Zaporozhyeoblenergo, Cherkassyoblenergo and Harkovoblenergo), but to a private company "Energoseti" headed by Kryuchkov.

This company promised to transfer money to regional power distribution companies, but didn’t do it.

Instead "Energoseti" transferred money to the Ukrainian top range officials. Dmitry Kryuchkov is in prison in Germany now, he is expecting an extradition to Ukraine. He gave written answers to the questions of "Skhemy". He told that Kononenko “carried out that part of arrangements which was a zone of responsibility of Poroshenko.” According to him, Poroshenko and Kononenko, “received from 50% to 75% of revenue from business which was a subject of arrangements.”