Human Rights Activist Bring an Application to SBU, Blaming Poroshenko Over Treason

The head of the Ukrainian human rights movement «Force of Right», former vice-premier minister of Crimea and ex-chief of committee of inquiry on Ilovaisk events Andrey Senchenko submitted an application to the Security Service of Ukraine, claiming that there are signs of treason in the Ukrainian president Poroshenko’s actions.

Senchenko said the elections, which took place, allowed to bring to justice «all those who have been avoiding it over the last five years». According to his statement, for now the question is what the elected president is really willing to do?

Thus, Sinchenko responded to the statement by Zelensky team’s member Ivan Aparshin that responsible for the surrender of Crimea and bloody episodes of war in the Eastern Ukraine would be taken accountable.

In the meantime, he noted that the parliamentary investigation on the events in Ilovaysk was conducted in 2014, however it was actually useful in further work of the prosecutor office.

In addition, Senchenko added that as for the first statement all terms provided by the procedural code have already expired, but there is no answer from the State Security Service of Ukraine yet.