The contract employee of notorious 92nd brigade drowned under the obscure circumstances.

The serviceman of the 92nd separate mechanized brigade drowned on July 3 in the river the Seversky Donets in the village of Klugino-Bashkirovka of the Kharkov region. No signs of violent death were found on the body of the drowned yet. However this military unit is famous for cases of the non-statutory relationship and commission of crimes are frequent. For example, earlier in 2016 the serviceman of the brigade shot down two colleagues.

Ukrleaks in French !

UkrLeaks will soon start publishing in French, so that the French-speaking public will discover new investigations into the crimes committed by the Ukrainian government since 2014.

New interview with Vasily Prozorov

New interview with Vasily Prozorov already on the PolitWera YouTube channel. New details of the activities of Ukrainian special services to influence Western countries revealed.

At the ex-prosecutor of Odessa region searches have been carried out

The former prosecutor of Odessa region Oleg Zhuchenko is accused of creating a criminal group. He and not less than five of his accomplices are involved in criminal case about plunder of financial resources from the city budget.

The management of the Zhytomyr armored plant is convicted of financial plunders

Rulers of the Zhytomyr armored plant signed illegal the service agreement of repairing of equipment and devices with other enterprises for 2,5 million hrn. Experts revealed a number of violations of repair and testing technologies that leads to premature failure of the equipment and threatens life and health of the military personnel.

Officer of the State Security Service of Ukraine is detained for extortion

Ukrainian SBU specialist and his accomplices demanded money from the businessman for nondisclosure of details of the death of the member of parliament. Colonel of the State Security Service of Ukraine organized and controlled activity of criminal group consisting not less than four people. They demanded from the Odessa businessman 250 thousand dollars for possible nondisclosure of data on circumstances of a death of the People's Deputy Valery Davidenko who died on May 23 in Kiev as a result of a gunshot wound in the head.

The group of frontier guards sold personal information of Ukrainians

The acting and former frontier guards in the Ivano-Frankivsk region were selling information with limited access about intersection of state border by citizens of Ukraine and foreigners, the term of their stay in the country and existence of bans on entrance or departure from the database of the State border service. Participants of criminal groupings were the buyers of information.

The investigation against the CEO of “Ukrposhta” was started

Investigating bodies of Ukraine began opened the case against the CEO of “Ukrposhta” Igor Smelyansky. He is accused of groundless raising of tariffs for the international mailings. Smelyansky and his deputies are thought to be the beneficiaries of the increase of cost of services.

Explosion kill the veteran of conflict in Donbass

After careless handling of the improvised explosive device and its detonation veteran of Ukrainian Army died in the city of Fastov in Kiev region. Investigators established that he had no job.

The serviceman tried to commit suicide in the face of commandant.

In the International center of peacemaking and safety in the village Starychi (The Lvov region) sergeant of the 21st detached motor-infantry battalion “Sarmat” made an attempt of a suicide by means of a cold weapon of the direct commander. In the presence of the officer he stabbed himself in the stomach.

Odessa military prosecutor is detained for bribes

Investigating bodies detained the prosecutor of one of departments of military prosecutor's office of Odessa region on a charge of systematic obtaining of illegal benefit. The malefactor organized system of illegal import of cars on the territory of Ukraine.

Police major brought down two people

The police officer of the city Rovno, major Alla Vertletskaya, being in the alcohol intoxication, ran down two pedestrians and made the attempt to flee the crime scene. It is known that in June, 2018 Vertletskaya already got into accident, having crashed into the column.

Former serviceman is detained for selling explosives

A former serviceman of Ukrainian Army who adjusted production and selling of explosives and devices is detained in the Kharkov region. The malefactor was seized during the realization of 10 kg of plastid. Investigators found out that earlier he managed to sell detonators and trotyl for more than 500 dollars.

The judge was not removed in Sternenko`s case

The former leader of the Odessa department of “The right sector” Sergey Sternenko didn`t get the removal of the judge. The group of protection of the activist suspected of premeditated murder and illegal weapon handling tries to stretch the time by all methods and not to let the court to try the case and taking of final decision on it.

Servicemen arranged firefight near the children's center

Two servicemen arranged firing near the children's center “Young Guard”. At three o'clock in the morning drunk men began to shoot in the air. During a detention they showed resistance to law enforcement authorities.

6 million for the сlosing of the case against Zlochevsky

First deputy chief of tax administration of Kiev Nikolay Ilyashenko and director of legal issues of the Burisma company Andrey Kicha are detained for transfer of the bribe to heads of SAP and NABU in an amount of 6 million dollars for closing of a criminal case against the owner of the gas company Nikolay Zlochevsky.

Drunk mayor adviser caused a road accident

Mayor adviser of Zaporizhia Vladimir Kiyanitsa, being in an alcohol intoxication, caused a road accident. More than 1,8 per milles of alcohol found in his blood. Kiyanitsa had been heading Dnieper regional administration of Zaporizhia for five years, and nowadays is the adviser to the mayor Vladimir Buryak.

The veteran tried to arrange punishment over police officers

The veteran of Ukrainian Army tried to attack by the grenade police officers protecting the pontoon crossing near the destroyed Alekseevsky Bridge in Nikopol. He is now accused of Threat of Life of the Law Enforcement Officer.

Four died in a car accident – police officer is detained

A deadly road accident happened in Zhitomyrskaya oblast. Inspector of local investigative department is responsible. Driving the Mitsubishi car he hit Daewoo Lanos. As a result four passengers of Daewoo, including the one-year-old child have died. The inspector got no injuries.

The Kiev prosecutor was detained for the bribe

The prosecutor of local prosecutor's office is detained during taking of a bribe of 100 thousand dollars in Kiev. He was engaged in the investigation of the criminal case that was opened upon the negligence of board members of bank institution, so he extorted from them money for closing of the case and further protection.

Police officer brought down the child in Zaporizhia

The employee of the Zaporizhia department of police, driving the official car, brought down the child. The victim survived and was taken to hospital, but heavy harm is done to its health.

Ukrainian police officers got to scandal because of abuse of authority

Police officers in Ivano-Frankivsk detained two guys and delivered to the police station where scoffed at them. One of teenagers wrote down the event on the dictophone. Law enforcement officers humiliated young people, beat them and threatened with physical violence.

NABU refuses to open proceeding against the head of National police of Kyiv oblast

The national anti-corruption bureau of Ukraine refused to open a criminal case against the chief of Head department of national police in Kiev region Andrey Nebytov despite the statement for abuse of power and with his official position, and also about assignment and waste of property. The claim was also returned from the Supreme anti-corruption court of the country without any explanations.

Police officers beat and raped the witness

Two police officers in the city of Kagarlyk of Kiev region, the police captain, native of the western Ukraine, veteran of war in Donbas and his subordinate, raped a girl, the witness in the case of theft. It is known that many people complained on other policemen in this station.

The deputy mayor of Borispol is arrested for a bribe

The deputy head of Borispol Dmitry Gopanchuk was convicted of obtaining illegal benefit - an agreement about purchase and sale of the apartment in one of new city buildings.

The director of GBR awarded himself illegally

The former adviser to the director of the State bureau of investigations Oleg Shram addressed to National anti-corruption bureau of Ukraine, having declared that the acting as the director of GBR Alexander Sokolov illegally established the extra charge to his salary of 42 thousand hrn.

The commander of military unit caused a damage on 1,2 million

The former commander of one of the military units deployed in Nikolaev is accused of causing damage to the state more than for 1,2 million hrn. The investigative bodies suspect him of illegal sale of the entrusted arms and military armored and automotive vehicles.

The mayor of Odessa became the person involved in criminal case about corruption

Investigating authorities consider that mayor of Odessa Gennady Trukhanov promoted allocation on restoration of the house of Russov of 121 million hrn., 95 of which were stolen by contractor

The employee of the State Security Service of Ukraine was selling drugs

The security service specialist is detained for production and distribution of narcotic substances in Kiev. He and his accomplices adjusted the network on production more than 5 kg of the prohibited drugs. Investigating bodies found four drug labs under the control of the gang.

Derkach published proofs of participation of Joe Biden in corruption schemes in Ukraine

Deputy of Ukrainian parliament Andriy Derkach published audiofiles that demonstrate the influence of the former vice-president Joseph Biden over the fifth president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

Bullet-proof vests have been illegally exported from military unit in Odessa

Investigating bodies of Ukraine initiated a criminal case on the Chief of Support Services of one of military units of Odessa region. As a result of its actions more than 60 bullet-proof vests, 150 kevlar helmets and lots of other sets of military property “were lost”. The location of the equipment is not established.

The employee of the State Security Service of Ukraine is arrested In Nikolaev for a bribe

The senior operative of department of counterprospecting protection of managerial economics of the State Security Service of Ukraine in the Nikolaev oblast is arrested for a bribe. He is charged for extortion. According to the representative of the local office, it is the first case of a detention of the operative of the SSU for obtaining illegal benefit in the history of this region.

The State Security Service of Ukraine initiated the case against representatives of tripartite contact group

The Security Service of Ukraine opened a criminal case against representatives of the Ukrainian delegation at the negotiations of tripartite contact group in Minsk which are engaged in return of the Ukrainian citizens back home, for creation of “advisory board”. At the initiative of the People's Deputy from European solidarity Vladimir Vyatrovich, people who achieved positive results in regulating of the situation on Donbass, came to agreements on the first in 2020 exchange of the withheld persons are accused of high treason.

Onishchenko was arrested because of a compromising evidence on Biden

The former People's Deputy of Ukraine Alexander Onishchenko declared that his arrest in Germany in November, 2019 was initiated because of intentions to go to the USA and to give evidences to Rudi Giuliani, Donald Trump's lawyer, on the case of corruption schemes in which Joe Biden's son Hunter was involved, and also about pressure of the U.S. presidential candidate upon the Ukrainian government.

The former adviser of the secretary of the NSDC declared participation of Ukrainian army in marauding

The ex-adviser of the secretary of the NSDC of Ukraine Sergey Sivokho declared that the Ukrainian military personnel was involved in marauding in the fighting zone in Donbass. He said that many of his acquaintances who live in a zone of military operations faced plunder of a property by soldiers of Ukrainian army.

The serviceman was killed in the General Staff of Ukrainian army

The serviceman of the 101st security brigade of the General Staff of Armed forces of Ukraine (A0139) is found dead. He has died as a result of a gunshot wound in the head. Investigating bodies are trying to bring to light the circumstances of the incident.

The supreme anti-corruption court of Ukraine refused to arrest the lawmaker

The former lawmaker of the Verkhovna Rada Maxim Mikitas who appropriated 82 million hryvnias of public funds at the exchange of apartments for the military personnel will not be detained. The Court did not satisfy the petition of prosecutor's office and the official will remain under house arrest, despite recent attempt to leave the country.

Two commanders of platoons in the Lviv region have stolen the weapon

The platoon commander of material support and his colleague serving in one of arms units on Lvovskaya oblast are accused of illegal sale of the arms entrusted to them.

The Ukrainian Army truck exploded In Khersonskaya oblast

Ukrainian Military truck exploded on the route. It was transporting ammunition. Explosion was the result of ignition in the car body. The investigative bodies have the main version of violation of safety requirements at weapon and ammunition handling by military personnel accompanying the load.

In the Kharkiv region, at by-elections to the Rada, they tried to issue ballots to people without a passport

Due to the low activity of voters at the by-elections to the Rada in the district No. 179 in the Kharkiv region, many violations of the electoral law are not recorded

Two million was stolen during the Verkhovna Rada repair

Law enforcers exposed the theft of more than 2 million hryvnias of state funds for the repair of administrative buildings of the Verkhovna Rada

Ministry officials demanded $ 75 thousand for the post - prosecutor's office

In the Kirovograd region, a group of people demanded from a resident of the region $ 75 thousand for appointing him as the director of one of the state enterprises.

In Nikolaev the repaired barracks did not sustain a strong wind

In Nikolaev the repaired barracks did not sustain a strong wind

The people of Poroshenko suggested that I tell the story of the snipers on the Maidan as an invention of the Kremlin," - a Georgian officer

authorities tried to convince him to make a statement that the story of the Georgian snipers who fired on the protesters on February 20 is artifice.

Near Nikolaev the hurricane demolished the tent camp of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Not far from Nikolaev at the military training ground gusts of wind caused the blockage of the tent city. This was reported by the 235th Interspecific Training Center for Military Units. It is noted that this happened on Monday, February 24. Gusts of wind at the range reached 38 meters per second, the tents were collapsed and damaged. "

National Guard officer detained for a bribe

In Zhitomir, an officer of the National Guard was detained in a bribe, who promised to enroll in a military unit and sign a contract. This was reported by the press service of the military prosecutor's office of the Central region on Facebook.

Exclusive Interview with Victor Shokin

The fourth episode of the investigation of "UkraineGate" was released, in which a large interview was given by the former Prosecutor General of Ukraine Viktor Nikolaevich Shokin. New details of Poroshenko’s crimes, corruption in the Ukrainian government, the Burisma case, the intervention of the United States and Joe Biden personally in the internal affairs of Ukraine - this and much more in the full version of the interview

A film was released: “Ukrainian deception: Impeachment. Biden's money. Mass killings

A film published by Trump's lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, was published in defense of the US president. This film was released on the channel One America News and is called "Ukrainian deception: Impeachment. Biden's money. Massacres. "

Cops have beaten married couple in Mukachevo

Three cops in Mukachevo have stopped a motor vehicle “Citroen”. The patrol leader illegitimately fired teargas against the driver, then downed him to the ground and started beating him. Two other cops joined. Moreover, one of the officers kicked the driver`s wife who stepped out of the vehicle.

SBU officer has caused a road traffic accident

Senior operations officer of the Security Service if Ukraine has put in the driving seat an under aged person who failed to control the car. The driver violated road traffic regulations and crashed into a tree. The passenger on the back seat died of injuries at the scene.

Military vehicle in Kharkov crashed into a gas station

Driver lost control of a military vehicle on the circular road near Kharkov and crashed into a roadside gas station. The truck was turned one-eighty degree. Investigators are finding out if the driver was in a drunken state.

A military man blew up a grenade

A military serviceman was drinking with his step-father at home in Belotserkovskiy district of Kyiv oblast. He decided to take to pieces a grenade. Careless reckless actions led to an explosion. As a result he was injured. Besides, illegal weapon was found at his home.

Policemen have beaten a woman and a disabled person

Three patrolmen of Dnepropetrovskaya oblast police department arrested a 59-year-old woman and her disabled son in connexion with complaint of a noise regime violation. They were tied hand and foot and beaten.

Member of Parliament was hiding villas In Spain

Member of Parliament of Ukraine Alexander Gerega did not put data on his villas in Spain into his tax declaration. House property on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea was bought by his wife Galina and is valued at €6 mln. He could not give explanations while the questioning.

On January 28, 2020 at 8 p.m. will be broadcast with Vasily Prozorov

Vasily Prozorov in an interview on PolitWera Youtube channel

Kiev’s anti-terrorist operation veteran shot down his comrade-in-arms

Ukrainian veteran was stopped when driving his car for violation of road traffic rules. A body of his friend was found in the vehicle. The driver confessed that he had shot down his comrade-in-arms because of opposite opinions about the work of two presidents of Ukraine – Petro Poroshenko and Volodymir Zelensky. Moreover, an illegally kept gun was collected from him.

A former “Aidar” fighter come up for trial for a murder

Ex serviceman of a volunteer battalion “Aidar”, who was flawing from prosecution, is accused of intended murder. The suspect by reason of personal enmity shot down an officer of military commandant's office in Shastya in 2014.

A cop hit an old lady and a child by car

A police officer behind the while of patrol car hit a pensionary and a child she was holding by the hand. A woman got serious injuries and was delivered to the hospital, the child is safe.

Ukrainian Veteran puts up a fight in a restaurant

A participant in military operations in Donbas Mikhail Maiman made an assault upon a lawmaker of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in one of restaurants in Kiev and fled the scene. According to preliminary data of the investigators the veteran was threatening the politician and his family in private correspondence.

Poroshenko is called in for questioning again

Investigative bodies of Ukraine published summons for interrogation of a former president of the country Petro Poroshenko for the questioning on 21st and 24th of January. Representatives of “European Solidarity” said, Poroshenko was planning the visit to Switzerland during the period from 21st to 25th of January and accused the Office of the acting president and security agencies of illegal spying.

A military serviceman shot himself dead in Kiev

A military serviceman, aged 25, shot himself in the head in the building of the central election committee on the Boulevard of Lesya Ukrainka. The man committed a suicide with a service gun.

Drunken cop hits two persons

Police officer in Odessa being drunk drove into the living area, crashed the barrier and hit tow people, both are now in the hospital. Moreover, the driver made an attempt to escape the scene of the crime.

Veteran of The Armed Forces of Ukraine threatened to detonate a grenade

A former Ukrainian soldier who took part in military operations in the south-east of the country brought a grenade to the workplace and was going to blow it up. After the arrest the man said, that he had taken the weapon in the combat zone where he had served in 2014.

Ukrainian lawmaker put on the wanted list

A former deputy of “Narodniy front” faction of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Denis Dzenzerski was put on the wanted list. It is known that he has been flawing from prosecution since the 5th of December 2019. He is suspected of financial malpractice and caused 4.8 bln dollars damage to the country.

Drunken patrolmen caused an incident

Police officer from Genichesk was driving a private car in a drunken state. He crossed into the oncoming lane and crashed into a patrol vehicle with three policeman in it.

Ukrainian army takes nonbattle losses

A soldier of 56th separate motorized brigade from Mariupol died in the battle zone as a result of mishandling with ammunition.

Police leading personnel is being fired because of a murder in Kakhovka

As a result of the investigation of a high profile killing three police officers have been suspended from work, three have been fired. Local policemen are suspected of involvement. Earlier on first of January police officer was celebrating the New Year and fired at a 26-years-old civilian.

Head of Department of revenue services of Odessa arrested for a bribe

Deputy head of Chief directorate of State revenue services of Odesskaya oblast Natalia Chebotareva was arrested for an attempt to give a bribe in the amount of 25 thousand US dollars. After this arrest there was a statement that all members of the office were suspended from work and an investigation was initiated.

A soldier of National Guard was trying to kill an intelligence officer

A former soldier of Ukrainian National Guard a 29-years-old company commander, previously convicted, admitted that he made an attempt to undermine with explosives an ex-officer of intelligence service of Ukraine.

Mustafa Nauem was payed seven times more than his salary

The salary of a deputy director general on cooperation with state government bodies of Ukroboronprom Mustafa Nauem in December was seven times bigger than his monthly position salary. His official income should be 43 thousand hrn. but he got 310 thousand hrn. last month.

Official of General Prosecutor’s Office was selling drugs

A female employee of General Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine was selling illicit drugs including methadone.

More suicides in Ukrainian army

A 22-old soldier committed a suicide on the roadblock Svyatogorsk in Donetskaya oblast. He shot himself with a rifle. Investigators look for further information but do not exclude the possibility of a murder.

Land reforms knock Ukrainians together

Conflict of the oppositionist of land reforms and law-enforcement authorities occurred near the building of Ukrainian parliament in Kyiv. Consequently police have seized 26 activists. More than 20 police officers suffered damages.

Poroshenko stands bail for general Marchenko

A former Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko donated 19 million hrn. so that to let general Marchenko be released on bail. He is suspected of purchasing of low-grade body armour for Ukrainian soldiers. It has been established that Ukrainian Defense Ministry purchased 20 thousand bulletproof vests priced at 176 million hrn. At least 7 thousand of them were non-acceptable. The amount of damages was about 61 million hrn.

Officials in Kiev purchased counterfeit technical equipment for Ukrainian military aviation

Officials of Ukrainian Defense Ministry were stealing public funds, that have been directed for the Armed Forces. They purchased in a private firm the counterfeit technical equipment for repairing of warplanes at an overvalued price and formalized it as a new one. Law-breakers caused damage to the extent of 15 million hrn.

Three soldiersIn were killed in Donbas

As a result of the blast on an unknown explosive device, three soldiers of the United Forces of Ukraine were killed.

The head of customs in the Kherson region was detained on a bribe

The Security Service of Ukraine detained the head of one of the customs of the Kherson region.

The Venice Commission harshly criticized the Ukrainian judicial reform

Changes to the legislation of Ukraine that affect the work of the Supreme Court and judicial authorities, adopted by the Verkhovnaya Rada on October 16 in "turbo mode", pose a threat to the stability and independence of the entire judicial system of the state. This conclusion was reached by the Venice Commission after an expert assessment of these changes.

The former head of the Chief Investigation Department of the Prosecutor General’s Office was detained on suspicion of receiving a bribe.

National Anti-Corruption Bureau has detained a close associate of the head of State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) Roman Truba, former head of Chief Investigation Department of the Prosecutor General’s Office Ihor Shcherbyna in suspicion of bribe solicitation in the amount of 150,000 dollars. The Verkhovnaya Rada adopted a bill providing for the early termination of powers of the chairman of the State Bureau of Investigation, Roman Truba and his deputies, and also voted to improve the activities of the RRG.

Two SBU officers killed in Donbas

During a combat mission in eastern Ukraine, two officers of the Alpha Special Operations Center were killed. The servicemen, Lieutenant Colonel Volochaev Denis Alexandrovich and Lieutenant Colonel Kaplunov Dmitry Vitalyevich, were blown up by unknown explosive devices and received injuries incompatible with life.

Teenagers in Lvov fire on multistorey apartment house

According to patrol police of Lvov two teenagers fired on high-rise residential building. Children have taken unlicensed arms at parents house and used it for fun shooting the windows of an opposite building.

A soldier in Nikolaev tried to steal a car

A soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine tried to steel Mercedes. A woman was sitting in the car at the moment. An attempt was not successful as the driver of the car stood against. The hijacker was the previously convicted soldier. Earlier that mourning he took a service vehicle Chevrolet Niva and when petrol dried up he had decided to steal another car.

A police officer from Kharkov was heading narcotic business

Senior lieutenant of Kharkov police was arrested during sale of drugs. Test procurements of drugs were conducted in October and November. He is to be sentenced to at least six years of imprisonment.

A man who attacked the shop with an RPG is arrested

Investigators have arrested a man who attacked the shop with an RPG in Zakarpatskaya oblast in August earlier this year. It is known that weapon was taken from the combat area illegally. The shooter was accused of illegal weapon handling.

Ukrgazdobycha is under investigation

Investigative bodies are getting to the bottom of the misappropriation of funds of Ukrgazdobycha by the company officers. By court ruling with the cooperation of force structure several searches were conducted in the offices, documentation and computers have been seized.

Officials have stolen assets for the recovery of Balakleya

Bodies of inquiry of Kharkovskaya oblast are investigating several criminal cases connected to embezzlement of public funds, given for the recovery of Balakleya after the explosions of ammunition. The state has lost more than 27 million hryvnas because of local officials.

A Judge from Kyiv was heading a criminal group

A criminal group was expropriating land parcels and immovable property using falsified documents and a national registry of rights for immovable property. A Judge from Kyiv was leading the group.

Poroshenko is to be brought to trial

The former president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko is suspected in excess of power when he was appointing members of Highest Council of Justice.

Tank engines are illegally exported from Ukraine

A commercial structure organized preparation for illegal export of more than twenty tank engines UT20 that are used for completing of armored vehicles of Ukrainian army. Officials of the defence ministry are suspected of cooperation with those businessmen.

Ukrainian citizens use weapons from Donbas against police

An owner of illegal gas station in Rovno came into conflict with cops and threatened to blow himself and them up with one of grenades he was keeping. It was established that the man was on the wanted list in Kharkovskaya oblast for illegal keeping of fire arms and ammunition, taken from combat area.

A former deputy minister Brovchenko was arrested

Investigative bodies have arrested a former deputy minister of Economic Affairs of Ukraine Jury Brovchenko. He is accused of loss-making to the state in the amount of 16,5 million dollars by entering into illegal contract of producing and supply artillery shells. It is known that a former president Petro Poroshenko was present at the opening of the manufacturing line and is a participant of this corruption scheme.

Gladkovsky was released on bail

A former deputy secretary of the National Security and Defence Council Oleg Gladkovsky, business partner of ex-president Petro Poroshenko, was sent to a detention centre but left it after a bail posted. He was charged with abuse of office and corrupt practices.

The head of the administration of Kyivskaya oblast was dismissed

Mikhailo Bno-Airiian left the position of the Head of administration of Kyivskaya oblast in 100 days after his appointment. He has written a letter of resignation, then published the copy with a quotation of “Sad Hetsymanskyi” by Ivan Bahrianyi “It is better to die once, to die with proud… than creep and die twice”. Experts say the retirement of Bno-Airiian is somehow connected with the conflict with Kolomoyskyi group.

Prosecutors who were investigating crimes of Maidan, were dismissed

General Prosecutor Office of Ukraine fired three prosecutors of the Office of Special Investigations who were exploring the crimes of Maidan. These officials think they were dismissed because of wrong execution of service records.

A man from Cherkasskaya oblast was keeping ammunition from the combat zone.

One of the local citizens of Cherkasskaya oblast kept ammunition illegally brought from the combat zone in Donbass. He possessed F-1 and RGD-5 grenades, hollow charge grenade, firecrackers.

A former deputy Minister of Economic Affairs is suspected of a high treason

Investigative bodies of Ukraine launched a criminal charge against a former deputy Minister of Economic Affairs of the country Jury Brovchenko on suspicion of a high treason.

A reinstate in position Head of the CCU can not come to the place of work

Officers of the State Guard Department did not let the Head of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine Svyatoslav Shevchyk to come his place of work.

Military commissariat in Ternopol was looking for the recruits at night

Military enlistment office of Ternopol was truing to catch young people in the public places at night. More than 40 people were recruited.

Armed Forces of Ukraine said the separation of forces was broken

The representative of the Armed Forces of Ukraine claimed that it is impossible to separate forces near Zolote of Luganskaya oblast because of the pressure of the nationalistic organizations.

Goncharyk visited the concert of a nationalistic band

Prime-minister of Ukraine Aleksey Goncharyk visited a music concert of Ukrainian ultra-right rock band “Axe of Perun”. He also went to the stage and said some thanking words to the musicians.

A car with weapons was captured in Kiev

A car was captured in Kiev. The cops found weapons and grenades in the trunk that have been illegally taken from the combat area in the south-east of the country.

Пьяный коп устроил ДТП в Винницкой области

A cop under the influence of alcohol has cause a car accident. As a result two men were injured and one died.

The representatives of OSCE have seen the radicals in Zolote

The OSCE observers claimed they have seen 80 armed people, 25 of them were dressed in military uniform. They were carrying national flags of Ukraine and а poster with a sign “We will stay in Zolote”.

Veteran of Ukrainian conflict from USA has committed two murders

American citizen Craig Lang, who took part in war in Donbass as a member of “Right sector” and soldier of Ukrainian Army, has killed two people in the USA. Ukraine refuses to extradite him. In the USA he is going to get a supreme penalty.

Ukraine doesn`t want a peaceful solution for Donbass

Protest actions were conducted in many cities of Ukraine. Participant were striking against the implementation of the “Steinmmeier formula” and separation of forces as new steps for resolution of the conflict in Donbass. The largest took place in Kyiv. People with red-and black and krimean-tatar flags were standing in front of the Office of of the President shouting “Impeachment!” and “Zelensky out!”.

A conflict between the protesters and the Office of of the President occurred

Participants of the protest “Stop capitulation” near Ukrainian Parliament wanted the Head of the Office Andrey Bogdan to resign because of his post on Facebook with screenshots that depict participance of people in protests for money.

The Customs officer organized an illegal income of production

Head customs station in Chernigovskaya oblast organized income of agricultural produce to Ukraine free of tariffs. Monthly damage to the country was more than a million hryvnas

Bullying prospers in Academy of National Guard of Ukraine

A video of humiliation of cadets of the National Academy of National Guard of Ukraine by older soldiers was popularized in the social net.

Police chef in Odessa was blackmailing his colleagues

A chief of police in Odesskaya oblast was extorting money from his subordinates for not making troubles for them during the service.

Two ex-officials are accused of wasting 25 million hryvnas

A former deputy director of a government enterprise “Eastern mining and processing combined works” and a director of “Trading house “Eco-Service” are suspected of wasting of 25,4 million hryvnas in May 2015.

A suspect for murder of Oles Buzina entered the anti-corruption council

Journalist Andrey Medvedko who is suspected of murder of a writer Oles Buzina was chosen as a member of a public council of the National anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine.

Secretary of the NSDC hid valuable property

A former finance minister of Ukraine, present Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council Alexander Danilyk did not show in his full declaration data about the residence building and a land parcel. Some 1,6 million hryvnas were hidden.

A criminal case was initiated against the Head of the Regional Council in Zaporozhye

A criminal proceeding was started against the Head of the Regional Council in Zaporozhye Grigory Samardak for abusing of office, statutory non-compliance and housing development of a land parcel in coastal guarded region for the building of a hotel.

A record number of crimes was registered in Ukrainian forces

According to the official statement of investigative bodies of Ukraine for the last 5 years more than 10 thousand serviceman were convicted for crimes of varying severity. More than 1800 “defenders” got jail time.

Secretary of the NSDC was dismissed

Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council Alexander Danilyk was dismissed from his post. There are lots of conflicts at the highest levels of Ukrainian authorities, including the one between Danilyk and Head of the Office of the President Andrey Bogdan which caused the retirement.

Drunken cop has beaten a student

A drunken cop of patrol duty unit in Poltava has made an assault upon the local female citizen and inflicted grievous bodily harm to a student who covered for her.

Poroshenko did not come for the questioning again

A former president of Ukraine Petr Poroshenko didn’t come to the investigative bodies for the questioning. This time the reason was his absence on the territory of Ukraine. The questioning concerns the criminal case of passing of Kerch Strait by Ukrainian ships.

Son of Joe Biden was taking part in laundering of money in Ukraine

The president of USA Donald Trump during his telephone call to president of Ukraine Vladimir Zelenskiy insisted on activating of the investigation against the son of a former vice-president of US Joe Biden – Hunter, who served on the board of the Ukraine gas company Burisma Holdings.

High official is to be jugged

Investigative bodies will force the director of effectiveness department of “Ukrenergo” Svetlana Nikolenko to come to the Court in Kiev for the hearing of a case of corrupt practices. She missed previous hearings because of the business travel outside the city.

An attorney in Poltavskaya oblast was taking bribes

A procurator jv Lybenskiy public prosecution office in Poltavskaya oblast got 5 thousand dollars from the accused for the possibility to cooperate with the investigators and to get less severe punishment.

A criminal case was started against a head of a public factory

A former head of publicly-owned factory “Powder metallurgy Plant” was buying unserviceable equipment at an overvalued price and cause losses for the factory to the extent of 700 thousand hryvnas. The plant was filling orders of defense industry of Ukraine.

A soldier under contract has killed his comrade in Khmelnytskyi

А soldier who served in Khmelnytskyi lost control of a military vehicle and hit the concrete pole. The accident led to the death of another serviceman who was sitting in the back of a truck. Investigators say that the driver was under the influence of alcohol.

Police chief of Lvov is to be dismissed

Chief of National Police of Lvov Vasily Vikonsky is accused of abusing of power. Several civil society organisations and activists were demanding his resignation because of wrongful actions during dispersion of protesters in Sosnovka of Sokalskiy region. Vikonsky confirmed that he gave the order to disrupt meeting by force.

A criminal case was initiated against Parybij

The investigative bodies have opened a criminal case against a former speaker of Ukrainian Parlament, people's deputy from “European solidarity” Andrey Parybij. He is suspected of organisation and coordination of criminal groups that were taking part in mass disturbances on May 2, 2014 in Odesa.

A thrashing between troopers and infantrymen occurred in Donbas

A conflict appeared between the servicemen of 53rd mechanized and 95th air assault brigades and went into a thrashing. 15 people have be en severely injured. Commanding officers were trying to hide the information about the incident, but the relatives of the servicemen know everything through the social net.

Wife of Police Chief tried to bring out 650 thousand euro

A criminal case was initiated against customs officers who let the ex-wife of the Chief of National Police of Ukraine Sergey Kniaziev bring out more than 650 thousand euro on her private car Mercedes GLS 350 to Poland. Victoria Kniazieva and her fellow travellers were arrested on Poland's border. Quite possibly that the Police Chief who had written a letter of resignation was trying to bring out the money from Ukraine before his dismissal.

Ukrainian soldiers wounded a civilian

Militants of battalion “Aidar” have hindered a local citizen near control station “Mayorsk”. Valuables were taken from him illegally and he made an attempt to escape, but he got shot.

Three criminal cases were initiated against the Head of National Bank

Three criminal proceeding were initiated against the Head of the National Bank of Ukraine Iakov Smolij for concealment of income. The official did not declare more than 18 million hryvnas. He has hiiden the information about several land parcels and bank accounts.

Poroschenko ignores the questioning again

A former President of Ukraine Petr Poroshenko didn’t come to the investigative bodies for the questioning in the matter of corrupt practices and interference in judicial activity. He is also called in for questioning on September 27 and October 3, but repeated notice papers can appoint other dates.

Deputy Prosecutor-General of Ukraine was fired

Deputy Prosecutor-General of Ukraine Angela Strigenova was dismissed. A criminal proceeding was initiated against her earlier for faking court judgment of closing the criminal case against SBU officers.

Frontier guards organized illegal traffic

Two head officers of frontier department service “Krasnoilsk” of Chernovetskiy border detachment were taking bribes for transporting goods to Romania. Criminals were captured at the time of achieving 1500 euro.

Lytsenko receives a reprimand

The Assessment and Disciplinary Board of Prosecutors have made the decision to punish a former Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yury Lutsenko for the rewarding of department officers with bonuses, which they were not to get because of their disciplinary offenses. Lutsenko got only a monish for this violation of the law.

A serviceman was going to blow up a bridge in the center of Kiev

Sergant Alexey Belko, recently dismissed from the Ukrainian army, blocked off traffic on the Metro bridge in Kiev and was threatening to blow it up. Subway traffic and surface transportation were also stoped. It is known that Belko was earlier arrested for absence without leave. He also had police records for using drugs.

Criminal cases were initiated against chefs of customs office in Zhitomyrskaya oblast

Chief of customs clearance department and two chief State inspectors were minimizing import crude oil duties. Just in 2019 the lawbreakers have stolen over a million hryvnas.

Three judges of CCU were fired

Three judges of Constitutioinal Court of Ukraine – Mikhail Zaporozhets, Mikhail Gultai and Nataliya Shaptala – were dismissed. It is worthy of note that Nataliya Shaptala was a chairwoman of the Court. She replaced on this position Svyatoslav Shevchyk who called his own dismissal an anticonstitutional overthrow.

In Kharkov public factory 5 million were stolen

Former first deputy of the factory ruled by “Ukroboronprom” illegally signed an agreement of voluntary property insurance. As a result Kharkov state aviation factory was damaged to the extent of 5,5 million hryvnas.

Police of Uzhgorod tortured local citizens

Investigative bodies of Zakarpatskaya oblast started a criminal case against policemen of Uzhgorod for torturing two local citizens. Officials didn’t confirm the information until posts in social nets and media started to appear.

A criminal gang was render spy services

A group of persons consisting of force structure representatives was selling information extracted with the help of wiretaps and hacking accounts of social networkers. The group included officers of National police and State Security Service, as well as people who already had criminal records.

Citizen of Zaporizhia was selling RPGs

A local citizen in the city of Energodar in Zaporozhskaya oblast was selling weapon and ammunition. It is known that among others he sold at least two RPGs.

Bureaucrat have stolen 40 million hryvnas during the building works at the military training grounds

During the building and repairing works at the military training grounds Shirokiy lan in Nikolaevskaya oblast department officers of Ukrainian Ministry of Defense have stolen 37 million hryvnas of public funds.

Deputies Head of National police were dismissed

Three Deputies Head of National police of Ukraine were dismissed. Head of criminal police Vyacheslav Abroskin, Head of investigation service Vitaliy Nevgad and Head of Department of economic security Igor Kupranets have lost their positions.

SBU officers were torturing a man

According to an official representative of investigating authorities of Ukraine, a criminal case was initiated against the officers of Ukrainian State Security Service. They were torturing and beating a man in the wood line for several hours and forced him to sign proceedings.

A criminal case was initiated against Klimkin and Poroshenko

Supreme Court of Ukraine obligated investigative bodies to initiate criminal case against former president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and ex-minister of foreign affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin for corrupt practices.

Kiev citizens organized channel of weapon distribution

Two men living in Kiev were transporting fire arms. It was detected that different types of weapon and ammunition including Makarov gun and Skorpion machine carbine were housed in their place of residence.

Money waste was found in “Ukroboronprom”

Director of State Scientific Research Institute of Chemical Products included into the “Ukroboronprom” is suspected of wasting of almost a million hryvnas. He and his accessories found the way of asset misappropriation and got more than 900 thousand hryvnas that had to be spent for armament production.

Fuel products were destroyed during the redeployment

A military unit in Zaporozskaya oblast was changing location when an inflammation in one of the cargo trailers occurred and several explosions followed. As a result fuel products were destroyed. Investigators suspect arson with a view to hide fuel stealage.

Ukrainian soldier was killed by unwatchful comrades

А contract soldier of operational command “North” was killed because of the safety violation during the movement of military equipment in Chernigovskaya oblast.

West wants Ukraine to investigate the act of terrorism

Head of European diplomacy Federica Mogherini claimed, that Ukrainian government must conduct an official investigation of the bombardment of the building where the office of “112 Ukraina” TV-channel is situated. Violation, determined as an act of terrorism, was conducted on 13 July, but nobody was found guilty.

Deputy mayor in Dnepropetrovskaya oblast extorted a bribe

Deputy mayor in Dnepropetrovskaya oblast extort 140 thousand hryvnas from local businessman for making available three land parcels for rent.

Prosecutors are being dismissed in regions

In accordance with the law of Ukraine “Of Prosecution Office”, attorneys of Vinnytskaya, Odesskaya, Zhitomyrskaya and Cherkasskaya oblasts were dismissed from their positions.

Poroschenko did not come for questioning

A former president of Ukraine Petr Poroshenko did not come for questioning. His representative Igor Golovan said, the notice paper had faulting and nonappearance has a valid reason. Also Poroshenko ignored the interrogation on 3 September saying that he had a lot of job to do in the Parliament. Near the building where a questioning had to take place a protest took place, participants demanded to imprison the ex-president.

Mass dismissals in the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine

Not less than 25 officials lost their positions in the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. Deputies heads of different departments such as Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Justice were dismissed.

The Cabinet approved dismissal of Klichko and Suprun

Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved firing from their positions of the Chairman of Kiev State Administration Vitaliy Klichko and first deputy of minister of Healthcare Ulana Suprun.

Lukashenko closes borders with Ukraine

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko stated at the international antiterrorist conference in Minsk that unprecedented measures were taken to limit borderline traffic between Belarus and Ukraine because of the illegal weapon traffic increase.

Goncharyk sells Ukrainian land to the foreigners

Ukrainian government, headed by prime-minister Aleksey Goncharyk works at a new agrarian reform which would let foreign citizens buy agricultural land. Moreover Goncharyk claimed, Ukraine led by Petr Poroshenko moved the right direction.

Muzhenko was dismissed from service

General of the Army of Ukraine Viktor Muzhenko was dismissed from service. Previously he lost the position of Chief of General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Muzhenko is thought to be responsible for deaths of hundreds of Ukrainian soldiers and volunteers near Ilovaisk in 2014.

A criminal case was initiated against Parybij

A criminal case was initiated against a former speaker of Ukrainian Parlament Andrey Parybij for impeding the realization of the election law and hindering the work of the election committee.

A chief military prosecutor was fired

Deputy Prosecutor-General, chief military prosecutor of Ukraine Anatoly Matios was dismissed from his position. There is no information about his further job placement.

Ukrainian unmanned aircraft hunts civilians

According to eyewitness, unmanned flying vehicles attack buildings in the conflict zone of Ukraine. Some drones have marks of “Azov” battalion. They attack not only buildings, but people too.

Ukrainian soldiers burn houses

According to the representative of administration of Gorlovka, soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine make acts of intimidation on the territory of the city and burn several houses every day. Moreover the artillery of Ukraine fires on the suburbs.

Ukrainian Forces attack OSCE observers

Ukrainian Armed Forces bombarded a group of civilians near Pikyzi in Donbass. Observers of an OSCE special monitoring mission were among them. The investigators found out that a commander of 36th separate Naval Infantry Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Andrey Gnatov has a direct relevant to the bombardment.

“Ukroboronprom” sells positions at the office

An attempt to provide illegal appointment to the leading position in “Ukroboronprom” was made by the people, who introduced themselves as authorized representatives of Ukrainian president. They extorted 570 thousand dollars from the ex-employee of the company to let him take one of the highest positions in the governing of the concern.

Avakov and Lutsenko are associated with illegal casinos

Chief of Ministry of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov and a former Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yury Lutsenko are accused of crime affiliations with rogue gambling establishments.

A director of “Ukroboronprom” was fired

A director of Ukrainian government business enterprise “Ukroboronprom” Pavel Bukin was fired. Earlier there were some incriminating journalistic investigations published. They demonstrated that the ruling of the corporation was taking part in illegal procurement of spare parts for providing military needs of Ukraine.

President of France accused Zelensky of inactivity

During the phone conversation between president of France and Ukraine, Emmanuel Macron called Vladimir Zelensky to assume measures to end the conflict in eastern part of the country. Before the inauguration Ukrainian leader said, this is a top-priority task, but after a hundred days of his administration there is no tendency for changing the situation the better.

A soldier shot his commander in Lvovskaya oblast

A conscript soldier of Mostisskiy border detachment shot his comrade-in-arms. The Private was mentally ill so hi commanders had no right to give him fire arms.

A member of Cabinet of Ministers hit a man by car

Deputy Head of Cabinet Office of Ukraine hit a man on the crosswalk by car. An inhabitant of a village Korolevka died at the scene. The official was truing to lean on the investigation bodies to skip punishment.

A criminal case was initiated against the Head of Healthcare of Ukraine

A former minister of Healthcare of Ukraine Raisa Bogatyreva was arrested on 28th of august. A criminal case against ex-official is being investigated for stealage of public money in an especially large amount, and specifically at time of buying medicines and medical products.

Head of police in Odesskaya oblast was caught hiding 2 million hryvnas

A former head of National police of Ukraine in Odesskaya oblast Dmitriy Grishin making a return did not include 2 million hryvnas. That is why a criminal case was initiated against him. Previously he was a subject of an investigation for conversion and waste of public property in the amount of more than 50 million hryvnas.

A criminal case was initiated against Gladkovskiy

A criminal case against a former first deputy of Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine Oleg Gladkovskiy was initiated for a failure to declare property and financial assets. In 2015 Gladkovskiy hid possession of 1,3 million hryvnas, the value of profit participation rights in Cyprus firm as well as a share in capital of “Kievoblenergo” and a Ferrari for 300 thousand euro of his son.

A building in Kiev was shelled with an RPG

Unidentified people shelled a building of “Mostobud” in Kiev in Pankovskaya street with a launcher. The incident happened at night. The shell got into the window on the 4th floor. A campaign plan “Sirena” was brought in the capital. An RPG tube was found at the scene of the event. According to one of the versions, Ukrainian soldiers were involved in the incident.

Behead body of Ukrainian army veteran found in Krivoy Rog

A body of a man with a cut off head was found on the railroad in Krivoy Rog. The identity of the dead is established – a former soldier of The Armed Forces of Ukraine, who took part in battle action in the east of the country.

Results of elections of 198th parliamentary division were cancelled

A parliamentary candidate Natalia Diachenko (“Servants of the people”) sued for the results of the elections 198th parliamentary division in Cherkasskaya oblast. Consequently the decision of giving the victory to Sergey Rudyk (self-nominated candidate) was cancelled, the CEC was obligated to continue getting the results of the voting in the division. The first parliamentary session is appointed at August 29, but the examination of claims can change the terms.

Poroshenko was called in for questioning

A former president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko is called in for questioning to investigative bodies. The date of interrogation is the 3rd of September. Official representative of the agency Anjelica Ivanova claimed, she can not announce the exact time of the questioning and more information about the investigation.

Drunk SBU officer was shooting at people

An officer of State Security Service of Ukraine was driving around the village and shooting at people in Novaya Basan in Chernigovskaya oblast. All the passengers and the driver of the car were drunk. The investigating authority says the officer belonged to Kiev SSU department.

Soldier with heart diseases serve at the 57th mechanized infantry brigade

A sergeant from 57th separate mechanized infantry brigade fell unconscious during the celebration of the Independence Day of Ukraine. First he was transported to first-aid post and then to the hospital. The man died without regaining consciousness. The cause of the death is heart failure.

SSU officer beats a cafe visitor

In Hayvoron city of Nikolaevskaya oblast a special agent of State Security Service of Ukraine beat a man in local cafe. The SSU officer had a cross-talk with a visitor of the resting place and hit him in the face. Then the man fell on the floor and the serviceman began kicking him. After than the lawbreaker was hiding from justice for about a month.

Ukrainian soldier shot his comrade

An accident occurred in permanent base of 35th Naval Infantry Brigade in Dachnoe village of Odesskaya oblast. A soldier on duty shot his comrade-in-arms in the head. The man died at the scene. The investigators believe that murder was committed advisedly.

In western Ukraine a veteran blew up a grenade in the apartment

An explosion occurred in a high-rise apartment building in Ivano-Frankovsk. As a result a man and his cohabitant died. A conflict happened between a veteran of The Armed Forces of Ukraine and his girlfriend and the man blew up two grenades. It is worthy of note that the man was a participant of battle action in Ukraine, also he has criminal records for infliction of bodily harm, disruptive behavior and illegal weapon handling.

Illegal drugs were delivered to soldiers in Kiev

An attempt to sell strong party of drugs occurred in Kiev. Drug dealers were arrested at time of selling amphet to military servicemen. The amount of narcotics was about 800 thousand hryvnas.

Georgians that got Ukrainian citizenship from Zelensky were caught at the time of robbery

According to the act signed by the president Vladimir Zelensky Georgians Mirian Gochadze, Tengiz Zanadze and Levan Jutsishvili got Ukrainian passports in recognition of their military achievements to Ukraine. But already on August 21 they were arrested for the robbery of an inhabitant of Borispolskyi region of Kievskaya oblast. After their leaving Georgia all of them took part in battle action in Ukraine.

One more criminal case was initiated against Klimkin and Poroshenko

A criminal case against minister of foreign affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin and former president of the country Petro Poroshenko for corrupt practices was initiated.

Mayor of Dnepr is suspected of understatement of income

A criminal case was initiated against the mayor of Dnepr Boris Filatov for possible failure to declare property equal to on emillion hryvnas. The official hid the information about his land parcels, means of transport, boat, his wife`s property and disfigured records o his income.

Ukrainian soldiers need help – a “hot line” to prevent suicides is being created without delay

Acting minister of Healthcare of Ukraine Ulana Suprun said a national “hot line” is being formed to reduce the increased number of suicides among former servicemen of Ukrainian Army. The line is to be based within the framework of the activity of the nongovernmental agency «LifeLine Ukraine».

A criminal case was initiated against the lawmaker of Poroshenko`s party

First deputy of the party leader of “Petro Poroshenko bloc” in Ukrainian parliament Igor Kononenko is accused of giving unreliable information while filling in a tax declaration in 2015. The lawmaker hid 7,6 million hryvnas of income.

A lawmaker caused a fatal crash in Chersonskaya oblast

A delegate of Golopristanskiy City Council of Chersonskaya oblast was driving under the influence of alcohol and hit by a car a pedestrian. The woman died at the scene. Additional aggravation of the situation is that the official tried to escape the scene of an accident.

A soldier put a knife into comrade-in-arms in Nikolaevskaya oblast

A military man that served in Nikolaevskaya oblast found dead in Pervomaisk. A murder was committed by another soldier who was a friend of а 19-year old victim. A lawbreaker stabbed his comrade-in-arms nine times and then threw the body into the river.

A soldier of Ukrainian Army was selling weapons in Odesskaya oblast

А former soldier of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who served in of Joint Forces Operation zone, kept small arms at his home for the purpose of further selling. The lawbreaker was looking for clients among representatives of criminal environment of Odesskaya oblast. A combat soldier was going to sell several guns and more than 500 cartridges for them, as well as arm blanche. All the equipment was stolen from different military bases in Joint Forces Operation zone and transported by the accomplices of the military man to Odessa.

A serviceman shot his neighbor

In the village Zalesye a serviceman shot his neighbor in the shared households with a homemade gun. One of four bullets hit the victim’s chest, he died in resuscitation department. A criminal is to be sentenced to 15 years of imprisonment.

A head of contraband control station was caught while accepting a bribe

Chief of one of the contraband control stations in Ivano-Frankovskaya oblast was extorting 2500 dollars but was caught. The official wanted to take money for the possibility of immediate customs clearance of goods brought from EU.

A fight took place in Regional Council of Odessa

An unscheduled session of Odessa Regional Council began with fighting. A new head of Regional Council was to be chosen instead of Anatoly Urbanskiy, who has become a member of Ukrainian parliament. The start of the meeting was disrupted because of the conflict of Deputy Head of the Council and some delegates

The number of crimes associated with drug trafficking increases In Ukraine

A junior officer of Border Guard of Izmail in Odesskaya oblast was selling drugs to staff of Izmail border detachment and cadets of Maritime Border Guard Training Center. A lawbreaker was arrested barehanded in the process of selling amphetamine. On the same date a founder of a large online drug-distribution network called Telegrass Amos Dov Silver escaped from the law enforcement right before his extradition to Israel. Ukrainian policemen removed his electronic monitoring device, then he went to the shop and dissapeared right before boarding the plane to Tel Aviv.

A criminal case was initiated against the Head of State Security Service of Ukraine

An investigation into the activities of the Head of State Security Service of Ukraine Vasiliy Gritsak has been started. The cause is imitation of evidence for the prosecution and other falsifications. A preliminary assessment of a violation is criminal prosecution of a person known to be innocent.

Unsatisfactory food tanks were delivered to Ukrainian military base

One of the military bases of Lvov was provided with unsatisfactory food tanks. By previous concert of military officers and businessmen the price of equipment was twice overstated, the total cost is 30,4 million hryvnas. No less than 800 thousand hryvnas were stolen by Ukrainian officers. It is remarkable that these food tanks had to be supplied all over the country.

Grymchak is accused of law violations

The National anti-corruption bureau of Ukraine suspects a Deputy Minister for Temporary Occupied Territories and Internally Displaced Persons of Ukraine Yuri Grimchak of law violations. He illegally gained possession of more than a million dollars.

CEC disband a commission of 210th parliamentary division

District electoral commission of 210th parliamentary division in Prilyki in Chernigovskaya oblast did not manage to draw up a protocol of the results of the voting in the district. Central Executive Committee decided to disband a commission for a major violation of Constitution and laws of Ukraine.

A criminal case was initiated against the Chief of State Bureau of Investigation

Regional court of Kiev obligated the National anti-corruption bureau of Ukraine to initiated a criminal case against the Chief of State Bureau of Investigation of the country Roman Truba. Among other crimes he is blamed of high treason.

Police investigator fiscal service accepted a bribe and was caught

Leading investigator of the Chief Financial Investigation Department of Ukraine in Zaporozhskaya oblast got 300 thousand hryvnas from business owner for helping to hide violations of financial legislation but was arrested

The head of the Regional Council in Zhitomyrskaya oblast accepted a bribe and was caught

The head of Korostenskyi Regional Council Vasiliy Klimenko got a bribe and gave to an intending businessman a good chance to win a competition and to coordinate an occupational lease in one of the city hospitals.

A former head of the SSU Gritsak is under suspicion

The Solomenskiy Regional Court of Kiev engaged National anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine to open a criminal case against former head of the Security Service of Ukraine Vasiliy Gritsak and his deputy Pavel Demchina in connexion with their corrupt practices and bribery.

Poroshenko was questioned in the matter of tax evasion

A former president of Ukraine Peter Poroshenko arrived to interrogation in the State Bureau of Investigation. An invitation refers to the case of tax evasion while buying a TV-Channel “Pryamoi”.

Officer of the National Guard of Ukraine knocked down and killed a pedestrian

Company officer of one of the military bases of Ukrainian National Guard in Lvovskaya oblast ran down a pedestrian that crossed the road. As a result a pedestrian died.

Attorneys from Kiev arrested while bribetaking

Two prosecutors from Kiev got bribes on an especially large scale. For not bringing to justice a director of one of the filling stations chain lawbreakers demanded from him 5 thousand dollars.

Chief of police department of Zaporozhskaya oblast was arrested for drink driving

Chief of investigating department of Dnepr police Nikolai Vasilenko was arrested for drink driving, a protocol was drawn up. Vasilenko resused to go through medical inspection.

A deserter from Kherson threatened to blow up a grenade in a domestic building

In Oleshkovsky region in Khersonskaya oblast a deserter from the army, a local citizen, threatened to blow up a grenade on the 9th floor of a high-rise apartment building. At that he threatened to kill law-enforcement officers. Following the results of the investigation the man is sentenced to 4,5 years of imprisonment for illegal acquisition and possession of ammunition.

An official who participated in Rotterdam+ was arrested

A director of a public factory «Operator rynka» Vladimir Evdokimov was arrested on suspicion of agreement on behalf of third parties during the confirmation of Rotterdam+ formula. Evdokimov is a former member of National Commission regulating energetics and municipal service. It was established that the decision of the head and the members of Commission made let the unidentified persons to get a vast illegal income.

City councillor in Zaporozhskaya oblast arrested for a bribe

State Security Service officers arrested а councillor of one of the City councils of Zaporozhskaya oblast. The official demanded money from director of a local trading company threatening to block business operations. The arrest was executed at time of transfering of a regular payment. The councillor is to be sentenced from 5 to 10 years of imprisonment.

Soldiers of Ukrainian armed forces tried to sell RPGs and grenades

According to press relations service of State Security Service of Ukraine, soldiers of one of the military bases of Ukrainian armed forces were trying to sell a strong party of small arms. Offenders were going to flog 12 RPGs, 30 grenades and more than 3000 cartridges for 50 thousand hrn. Soldiers are captured, investigative action are taking place

Ukrainian soldier is going to get 7 years of imprisonment for shooting a journalist

According to the press relations service of a Kiev prosecution office, ukrainian soldier Vladimir Regishi wounded a journalist of a TV-Chanel «Nastoyashee vremya» Vladimir Runts. Regishi also engaged fire on visitors of a restaurant in Kiev in Obolon region. He is now to be sentenced to 7 years of imprisonment.

A german detective says he is ready to public new data on the downing of MH17

A private detective from Germany Josef Resch who was investigating the the downing of MH17 said he is ready to bring some new data to light. He stated that he is going to give to the public the information including the names of the responsible for the tragedy and some satellite data as well, if the Netherlands will not accept his second request to take this information into account.  

The president fired officials of State Border Guard Service of Ukraine

The president of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky signed an act of dismissal of deputy chef of State Border Guard Service of Ukraine Yuri Gresko and another deputy chef Arthur Pimenov. It is remarkable that officials were appointed by a former head of state Peter Poroshenko right before the presidential elections.

The Prosecutor-General’s Office of Ukraine suspects two loyalists of Poroshenko of stealing financial assets from “Agrarniy fond”

Prosecutor-General of Ukraine Yuri Lutsenko said, there is enough evidence to suspect a former head of National Bank of Ukraine Valeria Gontareva and a former deputy head of Presidential Administration Alexey Filatov. If additional facts will be confirmed, a criminal case could be opened.

Two died after an explosion of a grenade in the hospital in Odesskaya oblast

According to regional command of Ukrainian national police, in the central hospital in Odesskaya oblast an explosion of a grenade took place. As a result two people were died. Later police officers found another unexploded grenade.

A judge was dismissed for criminal prosecution

According to press relations service High Council of Justice of Ukraine, a judge of Kiev Podolsk regional Court Tatiana Voitenko was removed from office in connexion with a criminal prosecution for “improper influence”. She was also dismissed earlier in May 2018 and a criminal criminal case was initiated. But there was no sentence or or a decision of closing the case.

“Servants of the people” were found out in skipping classes in Truskavets

President of Kiev School of Economics Timofey Milovanov said, many parliamentarians of “Servants of the people” were skipping classes during their study in Truskavets. Instead of learning future lawmakers were resting and attending SPA. According to Milovanov's estimates, only a half of the students will receive certificates.

Election committee in Chernigovskaya oblast could not count the results

According to the press relations service of central election committee, in Chernigovskaya oblast in 210th single-seat electoral district the election committee could not count all the results the winner is not found. The record of the results of the vote must be put together with a mark “specified” and sent to Kiev by the end of the day.

Serious reappointments in Ukrainian Ministry of Defense

The president of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky signed an act of dismissal of Commander of the Army of the Armed Forces of Ukraine colonel general Sergey Popko. Lieutenant-general Aleksander Sirsky, who earlier was the head of Joint Forces Operation, took the position. In his turn, lieutenant-general Vladimir Kravchenko, who was the head of tactical force «North», appointed as the new head of Joint Forces Operation.

The Netherlands do not accept the data of a german detective on the downing of MH17

A private detective Josef Resch said he was trying to pass new information about the reasons of the MH17 plane crash that was not taken into consideration during last presentations of JIT in June, but he got a refusal. Moreover, he insisted on public passage of information but this requirement did not satisfy Dutch prosecutor’s office. As a result, the detective publicized an open letter to JIT on his detective agency Web site «Wifka».

Ukrainian soldiers convicted of selling explosives

According to State Security Service of Ukraine two former soldiers of Ukrainian Army were convicted of stealing and selling explosives. Contract serviceman of Zhitomyrskaya oblast organized selling plastid, trotyl and detonators, that were illegally dropped off from the region of Joint Forces Operation. Law breakers are sentenced to four years of imprisonment.

A criminal investigation was launch against speaker of Ukrainian Parlament Parybij

Shevchenkovskiy Regional court of Kiev obligated the State Bureau of Investigation of Ukraine to launch a criminal investigation against the speaker of Parlament Andrey Parybij as he impeded the realization of the election law.

Lawmaker from Odessa arrested for stealing of several million hryvnas

State Security Service of Ukraine arrested a delegate of Odessa Regional Council for possible stealing of finance during the reconstruction of a passage Tiligylskiy firth – Black Sea. A Business organization got some 20 million hryvnas for fictive holding of reconditioning work and the real chief of the organization is the Lawmaker.

A drug gang had been operating in Zaporizhia for two years

According to the press relations service the Police of Zaporozhskaya oblast, a drug gang was producing and selling narcotic during a two year period. A consignment of drugs was withdrawn by police. At time of the arrest of the gang automatic weapons, grenades and other evidentiary items were collected.

A soldier of the National Guard of Ukraine caused an accident and tried to escape

A road traffic accident happened in Kiev. A soldier of the National Guard was driving a car and tried to escape after the crash. The police says, the driver was intoxicated. Moreover, a substance identified as amphetamine was found in a car.

The SBU chief of Zaporozhskaya oblast got fired

The president of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky signed an act of dismissal of the chief of the Security Service of Ukraine of Zaporozhskaya oblast major-general Aleksander Khilko. He headed the department since february 2017. It is possible that Khilko was fired because of suspicion in participation in corrupt practices.

Officers of the SBU illegally got land property near Kiev

Resulting a journalistic investigation, published on Bihus.Info web site, three officers of State Security Service of Ukraine got for free land property in Kievskaya oblast in Chernechiy wood. The land area is about 22 hectare, the assessed valuation is 275 million hryvnas. Moreover, local cottage building co-operative “Gorobyna” has a law decision, that the land should be given back, but it is still charged to SSU officers.

Officials were arrested for a 1,5 million bribe

According to press relations service of the National Police of Ukraine, a Director General of Ukrainian Institute of soil protection and a chef of government enterprise “Golovinskiy career” were arrested for taking bribes. The sum comes to 1,5 million US dollars. Machinations were conducted to liquidatу and to transfer an enterprise to private sector.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine owes 4 million hryvnas to Government

According to Ukrainian Armed Forces, the current debt for electric-light service amounts 4,2 million hryvnas. It occurred because all financial resources are spent to provide conducting of Joint Forces Operation.

The Cabinet of Ministers signed out the head of Ukrainian transportation security service

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine signed out the head of transportation security service Mikhail Nonyak. This deprivation was assigned on Julу 18 by the president.

Parliamentary candidates were bombarded with eggs

During the speech of public observer the Boris Ovcharov on the 50th parliamentary division unknown people have broken the door to the hall were the event took place shouting “shame” bombarded parliamentary candidates Andrey Aksenov (self-nominated candidate) and Sergey Koshykov (“European solidarity”) with eggs.

Members of parliament are hiding their assets

National agency for corruption foresight made enquiry and brought to light a false information in the declarations of a member of parliament Igor Kononenko and a head of Dnepr Boris Filatov. The amounts they wanted to hide were about 8 million and more than one million hrn. accordingly.

Deputy Chief of Odessa police was arrested

Officers of State Bureau of Investigation of Ukraine arrested a former Deputy Chief of Odessa police Konstantin Geiko. He is suspected of stealage of a large number of tobacco products. Geiko before was hiding out from the police.e.

State Bureau of Investigation of Ukraine named the number of cases where Poroshenko is mentioned

The head of State Bureau of Investigation of Ukraine Roman Tryba claimed that the department conducts 11 criminal proceedings where a former Ukrainian president Peter Poroshenko is involved. He also said that the head of “European solidarity” goes against his own words denying receiving of a request for summons and the initiation of criminal cases against him.

A flag was stolen from the building of the German Council in Chernovci

The National Police Regional Department of Ukraine states that two unidentified persons have stolen the flag from the building of German Council in Chernovci and left. The criminals are to be imprisoned for five years.

Dnipropetrovsk police head was dismissed

On July 29, head of the National Police of Ukraine Sergey Knyazev in agreement with the Minister of Internal Affairs Avakov signed an order to dismiss the chief of police of the Dnipropetrovsk region Vitaly Glukhoveri. The official was dismissed because of a scandal with his driver when the KORD special forces detained patrolmen who stopped this driver for violating traffic rules.

Hungary holds Ukrainian citizen for killing 28 people

The Hungarian Supreme Court on July 29 took into custody the Ukrainian captain of the Swiss vessel Viking Sigyn, canceling the decision of the district court in Budapest to release him on bail. Since June 13, the ship's captain has been under house arrest without the right to leave Budapest. He was suspected of not providing assistance to the victims. Earlier, on May 29, a Viking Sigyn cruise ship under the control of a Ukrainian captain collided with a pleasure boat Rusalka, killing 28 people.

Prosecutor in Sumy is under trial for taking bribe

On July 29, The State Security Committee of Ukraine completed a pre-trial investigation of the case of a prosecutor from the city of Sumy. The official demanded and received a bribe for a guilty plea, according to which the accused would receive a punishment that does not imply imprisonment. The bribe amounted to 3,500 dollars. The prosecutor faces imprisonment of 10 years.

In Odessa soldier from the national guard shot himself in the head

On July 29, an emergency occurred in the Kiev District Court of Odessa. A soldier of the 34th separate battalion of the National Guard of Ukraine was seriously injured in the head during a court session. According to the preliminary version the incident occurred due to careless handling of weapons. Police say the soldier injured himself.

Ukrainian police opened a case against AvtoKrAZ officials for debts to the Ministry of Defense

On July 29, a pre-trial investigation was opened by Investigators of the National Police of Ukraine of Poltava region due to non-payment by the AvtoKrAZ plant of fines in the amount of about 7 million hryvnias that were imposed for failure to meet the deadlines for fulfilling the defense order. Suspected officials face a period of 3 to 8 years. Investigators of the prosecutor’s office believe that AvtoKrAZ officials deliberately evade paying debts.

US and Ukraine have attempted to capture the "black boxes" from MH17

The documentary film by the Dutch journalist Max van der Werff “Call to Justice” demonstrates the fact of an attempt to obtain flight recorders from the crashed passenger liner MH17 by representatives of the USA and Ukraine. The film was published on YouTube on July 16 in anticipation of the fifth anniversary of the tragedy. The video proves that part of the evidence was falsified by the Ukrainian leadership.

A military helicopter landed to a polling station in Donetsk

To ensure law and order and stabilize the situation on July 23, a helicopter was sent from the air support forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to the 50th constituency in Pokrovsk, Donetsk Region.

Boryspil customs chief inspector detained in a bribe

On July 24, the Security Service of Ukraine took red-handed the chief state inspector of the Boryspil customs. He demanded a citizen of Ukraine $ 800 for the opportunity to pass customs control. The SBU continues to establish the identities of other officials involved in the extortion. The transfer of the bribe was carried out in two stages at 400 dollars. Inspector was detained during the transfer of the second part of the money.

The State Bureau of Investigation of Ukraine called Klitschko for interrogation

The State Bureau of Investigation of Ukraine summoned for interrogation to testify the mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko. The investigation concerns the use of communal land. Klitschko is summoned for questioning as a witness.

Investigators explained why they took up the "Klitschko bridge"

The director of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine Artem Sytnik said on July 24 that the agency’s specialists are ascertaining the validity of the cost of the bridge and the quality of the work performed. He noted that during the construction of the pedestrian bridge theft was possible. In addition, he said that the investigation was a reaction to numerous statements by citizens and media publications.

New information on violations during the voting revealed in Luhansk

Lawyers monitoring the election said on July 24 that local police were putting pressure on election commission members. In the 106th constituency in Severodonetsk (Luhansk region) police closed members of the commission in the building. The statement said law enforcement officials exerted unprecedented pressure on officials, physically restricting their movement.

Not far from the town Kherson soldier shot a colleague

In one of the military units in the Kherson region soldier shot his friend from the machine gun in the leg. The investigation established that the shot occurred during the discharge of the AKS-74 assault rifle. Investigators of the State Bureau of Investigation developed a set of examinations and delivery of a notice of suspicion to a soldier.

Frenchman with a gun arrested in Lviv

On July 24, representatives of law enforcement agencies of Ukraine detained a French citizen while crossing the border with Poland at a checkpoint Krakovets. The man bought four firearms in Khmelnitsky and tried to take him out of the country. Narcotic substances were also found during the search.

The former Ukrainian military serviceman tried to detonate a grenade on the street

On July 23, law enforcement officials detained a 35-year-old ex-serviceman near Kiev. A resident of the city of Fastov while intoxicated threatened to detonate a grenade in the central square of the city. A man faces two to six years in prison.

SBU employees took bribes in Zaporozhye

On July 16, the State Bureau of Investigation of Ukraine completed a pre-trial investigation into the case of violations of Ukrainian officials. The head of counterintelligence of the SBU of the Zaporizhzhya region and his subordinates were engaged in extortion and blackmail of foreign citizens living in the region. Foreigners whose term of valid temporary residence permit was approaching the end of Ukraine had to pay $ 2,000 to solve the problems with the State Migration Service.

The people's deputy of “Revival” party created a network for buying votes

On July 22, the State Department of the National Police in Odessa Region reported that a network of 20 people who bribed voters in favor of a candidate for deputies from the Revival party Vitaly Barvinenko was exposed. Voters were offered more than a thousand hryvnias for the photo of the ballot, which will bear a mark next to the name of the candidate.

NABU conducts searches in the Poroshenko sports club

On July 19, investigators of the National Anti-Corruption of Ukraine searched the “Bogdan Motors” automobile company and the “5 element” sports club in Kiev. It was a part of the investigation of the case of embezzlement of state property on an especially large scale by officials of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine and the General Staff of the Armed Forces from 2015 to 2018. The sports club is de facto owned by the ex-president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

The candidate for people's deputies was found dead

Management of the National police in the Nikolaev area reported that in the city of Pervomaisk on July 16 a candidate for people's deputies of Ukraine was found dead. The body with a gunshot wound was found in the box of one of the enterprises on Gvardeiskaya Street, the director of which was the 56-year-old candidate. Next to the body of the deceased was a hunting rifle. It has been previously established that the candidate shot himself in the body.

Soldier from Nikolaev was detained for drug trafficking

On July 15, SBU arrested in Nikolaev a group of people engaged in the production and marketing of psychotropic substances. One of the drug dealers turned out to be a serviceman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In addition, an RPG-22 grenade launcher, grenades and 5.45 caliber cartridges were found in the room. Investigative actions are ongoing to establish all circumstances, as well as the establishment of sources of weapons origin.

Weapons that were given to Ukraine are not in use

On July 19, Canadian Defense Minister Harjit Sajan said that military equipment that Ukraine received from the allies have been gathering dust in the warehouses of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine. He believes that instead of providing for the urgent needs for equipment and weapons Ukraine should focus on developing its own defense institutions.

Candidates for election to the Verkhovna Rada use new forms of buying votes

On July 21, during the early elections to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine law enforcement officers faced new types of violations of the electoral law. Candidates for deputies use brands of other political forces. In addition, the deputy chief of the Main Investigation Department of the National Police Maxim Tsutskiridze said that voter bribing using tickets for various entertainment events as well as gift certificates for acquiring equipment is widespread in modern elections.

Vinnitsa customs officials were detained on bribes

On July 15, law enforcement authorities revealed a corruption scheme for customs car clearance in Vinnitsa. According to the investigation, one of the heads of customs and the head of the post organized the dark scheme. The facts of taking bribes totaling about 300 thousand were documented. Intruders demanded 500 hryvnias for each declaration.

Ukrainian soldier was sentenced to 24 years of imprisonment.

On July 12 the Italian Court found soldier of the National Guard of Ukraine Vitaliy Markiv guilty and sentenced him to 24 years of imprisonment. Earlier, he was charged with involvement in the murder of Italian journalist Andrea Roccelli and interpreter Andrei Mironov in the Donbass in 2014.

Armed radicals from Donbass were arrested in Italy

On July 14, a special operation was conducted in northern Italy and local police officers seized firearms from persons who fought on the Armed Forces side in Ukraine as mercenaries. In addition to weapons, Nazi symbols were also seized. Among the three detainees is a former inspector of Italian customs who in 2001 ran for the Italian Senate from the New Force party.

Zelensky's motorcade is responsible for the car crash

On July 14 in the Zaporizhzhya region an accident occurred with a tourist bus convoy. The collision was caused by cars from the motorcade of the President of Ukraine.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine erroneously killed its own soldiers

On July 15, soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine erroneously killed their colleagues while trying to use a new type of weapon. According to the representative of the DPR operational command Daniel Bezsonov, such an incident happened twice during the past week. While using the UR-77 mine clearing facility, Ukrainian soldiers launched a shell without a brake cable and as a result it fell into the position of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

In the light of the upcoming elections new violations have been revealed in Ukraine's Transcarpathia

On July 14, National Ukraine Police in the Transcarpathian Region arrested a group of people who organized a dark scheme for obtaining votes in favor of one of the candidates for deputy at the extraordinary elections to the Verkhovna Rada. According to law enforcement officials, citizens were promised up to one and a half thousand hryvnias as a reward.

The searches started in Poroshenko’s party

Representative office of party of the ex-president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko «European solidarity» reported that one of candidates from party Yury Biryukov was conducted searches. These actions are connected with «the unmotivated judgment», it is said in the message of the telegram-channel of party. The State bureau of investigations of Ukraine conducts these searches

Armed forces of Ukraine recede from lines of differentiation

The officer of the press services of national militia of Luhansk Ivan Filiponenko declared that military personnel of one of crews of Armed forces of Ukraine left the positions near the line differentiations with the Luhansk People's Republic. According to him, basic reasons of this are not completeness divisions staff and problems with ammunition. Besides, he noted that the Ukrainian military have extremely low level moral and psychological condition

The military personnel detained for selling grenades in Odessa

Military prosecutor's office of Ukraine in Odessa region together with other security departments performed operation on the detention of the military personnel of one of military parts of Armed forces of Ukraine in Odessa. The military personnel tried to sell 15 F-1 grenades brought from zones of combat operations

Andrey Bogdan involved in financial swindles on hundreds of millions UAH

The Fund guaranteeing deposits of Ukraine found credit frauds on the amount about 200 million of UAH with an offshore company «Aydelberg resourses Inc.» in 2007. On this basis it was started criminal case, and current Chief of Presidential Administration of Ukraine Andrey Bogdan was the representative of this company by proxy at that time

Poroshenko was thrown smoke grenades

Unknown threw ex-president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko smoke grenades during the meeting with voters in the city of Stary in the Lviv region. Press secretary the former head of the state Svyatoslav Tsegolko declared that the employed provokers tried to break a meeting

The murder of heads of security agencies was prevented in the Donetsk People's Republic

Press service of the Ministries of Internal Affairs of the Donetsk People's Republic reported that the terrorists were detained. Besides, it is reported that criminals were enlisted by the State Security Service of Ukraine. One of them had the weapon and cartridges.

Zelensky dismissed head of the State Security Service of Ukraine

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky has signed the decree on release from occupied positions of the chief of head department of Security service of Ukraine in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea Alexander Shmitk who held this post since June, 2018.

The lieutenant colonel of Armed forces of Ukraine to a death beat the woman

The head of the press services of department of national militia of Donetsk People's Republic Daniil Bessonov declared that the Ukrainian command hides incident with a non-statutory relationship military personnel.

Ukraine has critical deficit of gas

Representative the Ukrtransgaz companies (the operator of the gas transmission system of Ukraine) declared that in storages there are 152 million cubic meters of fuel while monthly the need of the country is averages 240 million cubic meters.

The Ukrainian journalists complained of problems with violations of freedom of speech

The specialist of fund of Democratic initiatives of Ilka Kucheriva declared that Ukrainian journalists among the main threats to freedom of speech called censorship from owners of mass media.

The court in Kiev took away the housing the Ukrainian military personnel

The economic court in Kiev passed the decision about supplementary agreements about reduction the number of square meters of the housing for the Defence Ministry in the housing estate «Novopecherskiye lipky» are recognized valid.

Ukrainian journalist Vadim Komarov died without regaining consciousness

The head of The national union of journalists of Ukraine Sergey Tomilenko reported that the journalist Vadim Komarov, who was beaten by unknown in May in Cherkasy, died without regaining consciousness.

The British military direct Ukrainians on Donbass

The British military personnel delegation under the leadership of the chief of the General staff of overland troops of Armed forces of Great Britain the general Mark Carlton-Smith visited the combat operations area on Donbass and held meeting with the commander of Operation of the joint forces lieutenant general Alexander Sirsky.

Drunk Ukrainian commander shot his subordinates

Commander of platoon of the 30th crew of Armed forces of Ukraine, being in condition of strong alcoholic intoxication, shot from the automatic machine for three servicemen who made attempt to leave positions.

A truck with chemicals fell to the river under Vinnitsey

On June 9 in the «Zbarzhevka» village (Vinnytsia region) the cargo minibus, lit up and moved down in the pond, transporting pesticides and simulators of growth of agricultural plants.

In the Khmelnytskyi region officials were arrested for bribe in especially large sizes

Attorney-General of Ukraine Yury Lutsenko declared that employees Public service of geology and subsoil of Ukraine were arrested in the Khmelnytskyi region for racketing of bribe on the amount more than 400 thousand dollars.

«Force and honor» sells party places

The journalist Olga Vasilevskaya-Smaglyuk declared that former head of the State Security Service of Ukraine and party leader «Force and honor» Igor Smeshko sells places through passage in the political party at the high prices.

«Ukrzaliznytsia» officials extorted bribes

The press service of the Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine reported that «Ukrzaliznytsia» officials demanded at the representative of one of the enterprises of 270 thousand UAH for the storage contract.

Arrears of wages

The total amount of arrears of wages was 466,7 millions hryvnias by 1 May 2019, according to the Statistics Department of the Lugansk region.

Confiscation of property of DPR and LPR residents

The administration of the human rights ombudsperson of DPR reported that the Verkhovna Rada registered a draft law provided for the confiscation of property of Donbass residents who had been admitted to Russian citizenship.

SBI detects a case on servers loss in Administration of President

State Bureau of Investigation of Ukraine Chef Roman Trub claims, his staff members carry out an inspection of situational room of presidential administration office on the case of servers with secret data files and monitors loss.

The court arrested the property of the National Guard ex-commander

The «Solomensky» district court of Kiev arrested the property of the National Guard former commander Yury Allerov.

Crash of Armed forces of Ukraine helicopter

In Wednesday, May 29, at 11:27 am during training flight the Mi-8 helicopter has fallen. As a result of helicopter crash four crew members together with commander of the 16th individual brigade of army aviation of Land forces Armed forces of Ukraine have died.

The General Staff ex-chief told about cancellation of operation on «unblocking Crimea»

Left on freedom the ex-chief of the General Staff of Armed forces of Ukraine Vladimir Zamana declared that 1 March, 2014 Armed forces of Ukraine began operation on «unblocking Crimea», however, it was stopped on the same day by order of the country government.

Lawmakers have stolen more than 5 million UAH

In one of the settlement councils the delegates colluded with the head of public utility and were deducting public funds for assumed names under colour of salary during several years.

Members of parliament hid billions

National Agency of Prevention of Corruption of Ukraine finished the checking of 110 declarations of 72 members of parliament of Ukraine. Unreliable information detected in 77 of them.

«Naftogas» corruption

The 6th Appellate Court of Ukraine passed a verdict to disclose information concerning bonuses of “Naftogas” workers resulting from winning a suit in Stockholm Court of Arbitration.

Ukrainian parliament didn`t pass the law of additional vacation for veterans

The bill provides that employers must cover expenses coming from 14-days vacations of participants in military operations, injured participators of the Revolution of Dignity and disabled servicemen.

A soldier of ukrainian National Guard is to be convicted in Italy

A regular meeting took place in Italy on 24th of May on the case of a soldier of the National Guard of Ukraine Vitaliy Markiv, captured in 2017 during his crossing the Italian border.

Veterans of ATO protested in Zaporizhzhya

Several dozens of ATO veterans on 23rd of May were striking in front of the Mayor’s office of Zaporizhzhya.

An election campaign started in Ukraine

Expecting an early parliamentary voting timed for 21nd of July an election campaign began in Ukraine.

Riot in correctional institution in Odessa

In Southern general penal colony in city of Odessa about 500 prisoners blocked the building. Moreover, a fire situation occurred. The reason was an unsatisfactory feeding quality. Latter a mass breakout was detected.

Another Petition of Zelensky resignation

One more petition concerning the resignation of the president of Ukraine was filed at his official site.

The European Union insists on narrowing the jurisdiction of the State Security Service of Ukraine

Deputy Head of the EU Delegation in Ukraine Annika Weidemann stated that absence of reformations in the State Security Service of Ukraine interferes strengthening of confidence and a further integration of a country into the European area.

Petition of Zelensky resignation emerged on presidential official site

Petition «Of president of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky resignation» was filed at the official site of the president of Ukraine.

The first complaint was made to the Supreme Court against the decision to dismiss Rada

Alexandr Danilyuk claimed that his organization «Спільна справа» («Spilna Sprava») has made a complaint to the Supreme Court against the president’s decision to dismiss Rada.

SAPO started the investigation of corruption scheme in energetic sphere

The Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office has initiated four criminal proceedings against the former country’s president Poroshenko.

Geletey surrenders office

Head of Department of State Guard of Ukraine Valery Geletey steps down. As he claims, the reason is the coming to power of a new president Zelensky.

Volodymyr Zelensky dismissed Rada

Ukrainian President Nolodymyr Zelensky signed a Decree on Parliament dismissal on May, 21. Special elections are scheduled on July, 21.

Zelensky fired Muzhenko and appointed new Chief of Staff

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky fired Chief of Staff Victor Muzhenko on May, 21.

Ukrainian military men captured in Donbas

Donetzk People Republic militia arrested fighters of the Ukrainian sabotage group. Ukrainian side claimed earlier that 8 soldiers was captured because of slant off from the path.

Investigation against the Head of the Anticorruption Bureau has been initiated

Ukrainian State Investigation Bureau initiated investigation against the Director the Ukrainian Anticorruption Bureau Artyom Sitnik because he has not declared his stay in one of the hunting reserve in Rovno region.

New appointments by Zelensky

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky reshuffled some high-ranking positions.

Zelensky called Rada to fire Gritzak, Poltorar and Lutsenko

Zelensky inauguration has passed in Kyiv. The new President claimed that he is going to dismiss Ukrainian Parliament Rada.

Poroshenko became a person of interest into high treason

Ukrainian State Investigation Bureau initiated pre-trial proceedings against the Ukrainian high-level authorities on charges of high treason and excess of authority.

Shevchuk demands reinstatement on a judge position

Ex-Head of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine Stanislav Shevchuk filed an action at Kyiv Administrative Court.

Fiscal Service inspector was arrested on charges of extortion in Khmelnitskii region

General Fiscal Service inspector of Khmelnitskii region was arrested by local law-enforcement authorities on charges of extortion. He can face from 5 till 10 years of imprisonment.

Kyiv’s Court Opened a Case on Poroshenko and Parubii’s Travel Abroad Ban

The administrative circuit court of Kyiv will consider a case in relation to the claim against the current president of Ukraine and a number of high ranking officials.

Police Major Was Arrested in Melitopol

The officers of law-enforcement organs of Melitopol arrested a police major over receiving a bribe of $10 thousands dollars USD. He was exacting money from a serviceman who was in charge of maintenance supplies of military unit in exchange of information on where stocks of materials and capital equipment are located in his unit.

«Privat Bank» ATM was exploded nearby Dnepr

Unknown criminals exploded «Privat Bank» ATM in Podgorni countryside nearby Dnepr city at 2 am on May, 17. According to preliminary data bombers have taken cash and disappeared. Notably, that former «Privat Bank» owner Igor Kolomoiski came to Ukraine from Israel the day before.

Aircraft weapons warehouse was found in countryside near Kyiv

Ukrainian Security service found an illegal aircraft weapons warehouse in a private house in Novoselki village near Kyiv. Security unit detected UB-32 launchers for MiG-21 and MiG-27 fighters using for firing S-5 rockets. Owners of the armament planned to sell launchers in one of the African country.

Zelensky Was Informed on Pressure of Sumy’s Customs on Business

Businessmen of Sumy region importing tissues and consumer goods and partially cater for the needs of the Ukrainian armed forces addressed an open letter to Volodymyr Zelensky.

Head of Ukrainian Constitutional Court Shevchuk Faces a Vote of No Confidence

The judges of Constitutional Court of Ukraine expressed no confidence in his traitor Svyatoslav Shevchuk and deprived him of the position of Constitutional Court’s judge.

Ex-Commander of National Guard of Ukraine Allerov Was Captured

The ex-commander of National Guard of Ukraine Juryi Allerov has been captured on charges of being involved in the corruption scheme in property for the military. Allerov was fired from his post of commander of National Guard on 7 May.

Human Rights Activist Bring an Application to SBU, Blaming Poroshenko Over Treason

The head of the Ukrainian human rights movement «Force of Right», former vice-premier minister of Crimea and ex-chief of committee of inquiry on Ilovaisk events Andrey Senchenko submitted an application to the Security Service of Ukraine, claiming that there are signs of treason in the Ukrainian president Poroshenko’s actions.

Volodymyr Zelensky won presidential elections in Ukraine

After 99% of protocols were counted the leader of the Servant of People party received 73,21% of votes. That is the best result in the history of the independent Ukraine. The current president of the State Petro Poroshenko has have approximately 24,46%.

The scheme of expensive electric power buying revealed

A TV program "Skhemy" released an investigation on this issue and a transcription of Kononeko’s audio recordings.

Gritsenko and tanks: embezzlement revealed

Anatoly Gritsenko, ex-candidate for presidency is indicted for embezzlement in foreign arms sales when he headed The Ministry of Defense (2005-2007). This means about 1000 tanks T-72.

Vote-buying scheme by Petro Poroshenko

According to the site, Ukraine was provisionally divided into two parts. With the help of Vitaly Kovaltchyk, the deputy head of the presidential executive office and Sergey Berezenko, the deputy head of Poroshenko’s faction in parliament, Poroshenko organized two vote-buying networks.

Employees of Agrarian Sciences’ Academy and Agency of State Territory Accused of Plundering Lands

According to the pre-judicial investigation, employees of the Academy of Agrarian Sciences and Agency of state territory (Hoszemahentstvo) took over «by abuse of official position» 138 land plots with a total area of 13,2564 hectares located in Gatnensky village council of Kyievo-Svyatoshinsky district, Kyiv region in 2013-2014.

Police revealed embezzlement in atomic power station in Zaporizhie

In January 2019 Ukrainian police revealed that 1,3 million UAH had been embezzled. Media reported that two workers of the atomic power station made an agreement with a company for natural mineral materials.

Joe Biden's intervention in internal affairs of Ukraine helped to gain to his son

The Babel reported that The Hill published an interview with General Prosecutor of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko, who said that U.S. ambassador Mart Iovanivich had forbidden him to investigate activities of  number of Ukrainian officials.

SBU officer held back medicines supplies. Casualties are reported

Early in October 2018 a project of investigative reports Bihus. Info published several reports about Sergey Semochko, the deputy head of Foreign intelligence agency.

Details of Ukroboronprom affair: special services covered up Poroshenko’s contraband

This is the topic of the final part of Bihus. Info investigation about corruption in the defense sector and implication of law-enforcement agencies.